Decor: The baby shower in detail

8/24/2011 12:09:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

The baby shower I threw came together because of a lot of ideas I found on Pinterest and through out the internet. I found my decor ideas, the shower invites, gift ideas, food and games and was then able to keep them in one spot (Pinterest). It was a great source, especially for me wanting to DIY so much stuff.

I wanted the colors to be a little more gender neutral, even though we all knew the sex of the baby. After I settled on the color combo or melon and gray with hints of peach and light airy green I knew the I had to peg down the invites. I had thrown around the idea of making them myself but then I found the perfect print your own invite from Fresh Chick Design Studio.


The color and overall look was perfect, because I had wanted an elephant and was trying to figure out a way to incorporate a book theme (the guest of honor is a book lover). I also worked with the seller to make me "wishes for baby" cards and book plate stickers. The stickers were included with the invitation and asked for everyone to bring their favorite childhood book instead of a card. That way we could start a library for the baby and guests could write something inside, making the book a permanent card.

After settling on the invite I was off to Pinterest to look for ideas. I knew that we'd end up doing a dessert bar for the party because it was being held after dinner. This also meant that Nate would be stepping in as baker extraordinaire (so lucky and fat from having an amazing baker husband)! This of course meant I knew the cake that HAD to be made...the Campfire Delight from the amazing Sweetapolita!


My husband's beautiful take on the cake.

Seriously...this cake is AMAZING. I have dreams of it and how could you not when one of the layers is toasted marshmallow!? He's made this cake about 5 times and this was easily the best one he ever made! We also made Vanilla Chai Cupcakes for the non chocolate lovers and while I love that Campfire Delight I also love the chai cupcakes. They are moist and taste like you are biting into a chai latte.


Our take on the vanilla chai cupcakes.

We decided to make them mini cupcakes...because really how fun are mini cupcake. Plus I need to use all of the little cupcake toppers that I made (at first we were going to make the campfire delight cake into cupcakes). Along with all of the cake I also had fresh fruit, just so you could feel better about the cake that was just devoured.

For drinks I had the basic water, but I also wanted to have a fun drink/cocktail. With peach/melon being the colors I knew that a Peach Bellini was perfect. Again Nate's handy work came to play when we used his homemade canned peaches and peach juice. I made two Bellini's, one with sparkling wine and one with sparkling grape juice (this was a baby shower after all).

Homemade Peach Bellini's

I set up all of the food and drinks on our dinning table, which was pushed against the back wall to make more room for people to gather. I wanted to hang something above and quickly knew that it had to be poms, poofs, balloons and lanterns.



My take on poof, pom, lanterns and balloons.

I decided to once again try to tackle the Martha Stewart poofs, even after my last very failed attempt. Amazingly this time they came out perfectly. I also got to discover that gray tissue paper and lanterns was a no go...silver is what you get. So while I used silver tissue for the poof, I took the white paper lanterns and paint them with water color. Instant gray lanterns!

I also found the idea to cut paint swatch samples into letters. When I saw it I knew instantly that I had to find a way to use them, which I did with the "Hello Baby".


Gift table.

"Take Me" table (gifts for guests).

Along with the "Hello Baby" banner I also made "Take Me", "Eat", "Drink" and "Gift" banners. All of which I hand cut from coordinating paint swatch samples.

Around the house I decorated with my milk glass collection, succulents and Maison jars with with floating candles.


Maison jars sitting on our coffee table.

Small Maison jars sitting on candle holders.

I placed small peach colored marbles in the bottom of the of the jars and instead of using raffia around the top, I used the white/gray bakers twine. baby showers. Yeah I hate them. I don't want to guess what chocolate is melted in a dipper and I don't want to pin the sperm on the egg. But I know games are expected. So I went with something I found online. A game that tied together the book theme by making the guests figure out what the book titles are based on a give alternative title.


"Wishes For Baby" and Alternative Name game.

Along with the book naming game I also had a "Wishes For Baby" card made that everyone filled out for the baby. I then collected them and put them in a book.

The last major part of the baby shower was the gift for the guests. I thought about it long and hard and my new found love of succulents won out.



Thank you gifts for the guest.

I collected glass votive candle holders to use as the pot and then hit up my local Home Depot. They sell tiny little succulents for $2 which is a great price, so great that I had to get a gaggle of my own. I also made little tags that said "Watch me grow while the parents watch their baby grow" (I did use the actually parents and baby's name on the tags).

There were a few other ideas that I used, like painting pots to hold the silverware. I also came up with the brilliant idea to used bed sheets for table cloths. I was a lucky happenstance that I had peach sheets, which meant not having to buy a table cloth. Score!


Everything came together and looked great. My favorite parts were probably the color combo, the invites and the succulents. But really I loved it all and how well it came out. Plus I loved that so much of it was hand made by Nate and I. It was also a lot of fun to get back into crafting again.

So there is the baby shower I threw. Maybe you will get a few ideas for any parties you might be planning. As for me...I'm taking a break from planning/decorating for parties because I have a tenancy to get a little too involved. Such is the life of a crafter.