Review: Bath & Body Works Fall Mini Candle

11/16/2012 04:04:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

I may or may not have saved the best item, from my Influenster VoxBox, for last. What is this thing that I love so much you ask? Why it's a Fall Mini Candle from Bath & Body Works. I was sent Mahogany Teakwood.

What they say about it:

Mini but Mighty! Our Mini Candles provide an amazing fragrance experience exclusively developed and tested by our team of Home Fragrance experts, including the world's best master perfumers. Now in an elegant glass container, these are the perfect size for trialing all our fall home fragrances! Mini Candles burn approximately 15 hours.

Mahogany Teakwood—The scents of fine woods-mahogany, cedarwood and oak – highlighted by delicate lavender and geranium notes conjure up an escape to a cozy library on a chilly fall day.

Now please give me a moment or 20 while I gush. I.Love.Candles. I, no joke, have a dedicated spot in our hall closet for my candle collection (don't worry they get used). I am addicted to wonderful smelling things. Something you'll notice in this collection is a good amount of candles from Bath & Body Works. To say that I love their candles is an understatement. To say that I don't start salivating the moment they put out their fall and winter scents means you have no idea how deep my love runs. So when I opened my VoxBox to see a Bath & Body Works mini candle staring back at me, I squeed out loud. Yes, I squeed. I may have danced around the house when I saw that they sent me Mahogany Teakwood. Which is one of mt new favorite scents from them.

In fact I remember when they released Mahogany Teakwood last year (along with Black Pepper Bergamot, which is also amazing). I bought a huge 3 wick candle in the scent and didn't want to burn it in fear of it never coming back. Then, this year I went into the store and snapped up the new color and labeled version not realizing it was my beloved scent (thank you friendly employee that clued me into the fact that it was in fact the same scent). 

I love woody scents. They are my weakness and because of that Mahogany Teakwood is already a favorite in this house. It's warm and woodsy, but not as crazy as say their Firewood candle (also amazeballs). So if you feel that woodsy scents can be overpowering, this might be a great candle to try. Also, the mini sized candles are awesome. I really love getting them to test scents out. They are almost always running a 2 for $5 promo on them, which makes them great to grab and test. There are some scents that I am not sure about and don't want to buy a full size of it (I'm looking at your French Baguette). They are also great for smaller rooms. I use them in our half bath, because they don't take up a lot of space. 

The scents when burning are amazing. They are the type of candle where I get them burning and within a few minutes, not only can I smell it in the room, but I can smell it all around the house. They have a great burn time as well. I think my biggest gripe is that the mini were once sold in plastic containers. They recently switched over to glass containers, which is fine, but you now get less candle for the same price. That sucks. But really that's my only issue. 

So if you're wondering what I think about Bath & Body Works candles...I love them and would recommend them to anyone and everyone. They have a ton of amazing scents that range from floral, to sweet, to woodsy, to fresh. Plus they also send out a lot of great coupons and have a lot of 2 for type deals. 

Influenster was also kind enough to send a coupon so I could buy some 3 wick candles...which I did, because how could I not!? Plus they had just put out their winter scents and they were super yummy! 

So to end this rambling wall of text...GO...go buy yourself some yummy candles. And if you need any advice for awesome scents, let me know!