Promo: SquareHue

12/10/2012 01:39:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

I blogged last week about SquareHue which is a monthly subscription box for nail polish. I also talked about the fact that they were doing a special $14.99 promo that you would be locked into for the life of your subscription. Well that promo ended on the 8th and the price went to $21 (which still isn't an awful deal), but the wonderful people over at SquareHue have given me a promo code that will give you the chance to get your subscription for the $14.99.

So if you want to get the box...but waited too long you're in luck! The promo is good till December 24th. So don't wait too long.

So go now and enter in the code: DECBLOGGER05 (it is case sensitive). 

Also...their January collection is called the Arctic Collection. So looking forward to it! So go sign up now so you can get it!