The start of an organized laundry area

10/08/2010 08:16:00 AM Ashley 1 Comments

I'm sitting here eating a Weight Watchers yogurt and listening to Joshua Radin Radio on and all I can think about is how awful this yogurt is. I have an odd pallet and can tell when something it off...and looking at the side of the package I see that they use Sucralose instead of sugar. Bleh. Good thing I only got two of them to sample.

In other far more exciting news...I finally have my laundry area all put together. In sad news, my camera battery died and is now charging, so all I can currently show you is my awesomely messy before picture.


Cause you always need to see the other angle.

I like to keep it real and show off my moving in mess. Luckily it no longer looks like that. Though I must admit that the bob, duck, dive method to weave through the boxes was a good workout.

What I can tell you about these pictures is this...our laundry area is a glorified closet, folding doors and all (you can see the folding doors on the next closet over, which we turned into our pantry). Well here is the issue...this is a house built in the 50's. This little closet never thought that it would see the day that washers loaded from the front. Because of this the folding doors don't even fit into their spots. What to do!?

Well in the next post you will get to see exactly what we did to organize and hide our mess.

I will say that we didn't complain about the washer/dryer issue, because that was our free gift for moving into base housing. read that right. We got five different deals to choose from and we went for the "having clean clothes" option. We were rather impressed to see what we ended up with, as in we never would have expected HE and front loading. Color me happy!

Now I am off to go work out...which I should have been doing at 10am, but my workout budy canceled on me and I have no drive to go by myself.

Hope everyone has a marvelous Friday and an even better weekend!

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  1. The WW Spreadable Cheese isn't very good either, I much prefer Laughing Cow Lite Cheese, and it's actually cheaper at the commissary. I'd love to chat about how it's going for you sometime, if you have the time :) I know another couple of people here who are doing the online program, I was thinking it might be fun to get everyone together sometime and discuss maybe good recipes or tips... would you be interested in that at all?