My new weight loss arsenal

9/29/2010 03:01:00 PM Ashley 4 Comments

Two exciting things in the weight loss front for me. For one, the swimming pool is officially back open on base. So today I rushed off to the pool to swim a few laps. Man am I out of shape. It probably didn't help that the person I go with actually use to swim competitively. Which I just learned today as she quickly swam laps around me (forgive me, but I had to use that pun). Luckily she's understanding and helps push me.

The second exciting tidbit is that as of today I am using...

Yep, I am all signed up thanks to a wonderful and very understanding husband!

For once in my life I can actually say that I am ready and driven to do this. I want this and I am not going to give up this time. I'm happy with my husband, I am happy with where we live and damnit it's time for me to be happy with how I look and feel! Plus I am so ready to be able to wear high heels for longer than 30 minutes again (thanks 50lbs of extra weight for killing my desire to wear heels).

I'm excited to be able to add swimming back into my weight loss arsenal, and I am definitely excited (and slightly scared) to use Weight Watchers. I hope it will allow me to keep enjoying food while at the same time help food no longer rule my world.

Now to see what happens!


IKEA my love

9/28/2010 09:52:00 AM Ashley 4 Comments

I may or may not be in love with all things IKEA. Seriously, we've only been there twice and we always seem to come home with stuff! On our last trip we grabbed two chairs for the office, some curtains, my beloved light fixture and yet another bookcase from the EXPEDIT line.

This time we got the bookcase to use in our kitchen. We had this odd space between where our cabinets ended and where our back door is. The other issue we were having is the fact that the wall is one of the many things you can see when you first come into our house. For awhile we were just going to hang stuff on the wall and call it good, but the more I thought about it the more I wanted more storage. Thus why we came home with another EXPEDIT system.

We had to jerry rig the bookcase to the wall. Thanks old house with odd walls and floors. But once that was done we were good to load it up!



Our top left shelf is full of our drink mix books.

Sake with my Sake set (thanks Jess!)


I really love how it turned out, because it gives us more storage, but at the same time we can show off some of our pretty items. It's also great, because it keeps some of our most used cookbooks close at hand.

My next project is working on getting the other EXPEDIT organized and set up. Once that gets done I'll post about that too. Until then, I hope everyone's week started off well and continues to be great!


Beaded vintage beauty

9/24/2010 07:20:00 AM Ashley 2 Comments

I'm back...with vintage! Hopefully I'm not boring you all with the vintage yet.

Today's 1950's dress is one that I found at a local vintage/costume shop while living in Albuquerque. It was a dress I tried to try on and even if I had been skinnier, it still would have been a pain to get on. I love it though. Probably because it is totally beaded. As in, other than the organza mermaid skirt at the bottom, it is fully covered in sequins. Not only is it fully covered in sequins and beads, but the bead work is done in shapes of flowers and butterflies! Then there is the crazy fact that the shell is 100% wool. I can't say I have ever seen a beaded dress that was wool, so this dress has so major weight to it.


I kept eying it. Then the price dropped. There were some spots that were missing some beads, the color beads had faded slightly and the skirt could use a good cleaning, but damnit I loved the thing. So home it went with me. This dress is the truest form of wiggle dress. You do not talk long strides in it when you walk. In fact perhaps you just stand and let people come to you!



Organza skirt

Close up of front

Close up of some of the flowers

Inside of dress showing the colored thread used for the flowers and butterflies

That's right, take all of that in! Go back and look at the pictures again, you know you want to.

While this dress may be one I never get into, I love it. Though I will keep trying to get into it. I would love to know how the original owner got into it. Perhaps she had a lot of help.


Where the heck have I been!?

9/21/2010 05:09:00 PM Ashley 2 Comments

Who knew that I'd really love where we moved to? Because of that, I have been spending a lot of time in the city exploring and loving all of the festivals and pick-your-own farms. When I am not doing that, I am decorating and organizing. A never ending process if you ask me. On top of that I'm actually working out again! Loving where I am living is really giving me the motivation to get back into working out and getting healthy.

The working out thing is huge. A few months back I did a post about not being happy with my weight. Well I'm still not happy. I'm actually a little heavier then I was. A lot of that is because of the move. I quit working out, because I was packing/moving boxes all day and I thought that was enough. Then there was the food. Oh the food. Lets just say eating out became a habit. It wasn't easy to eat the best when you were sitting in a car for 7+ hours as your drove across the country. Then it wasn't easy to eat healthy because the house wasn't unpacked. Then it just became laziness for us.

I fell back into my rut.

All of that changed a few days ago when I found a friend I could work out with. Not only is that a huge help, but one of the two base gyms is very close to our house. Because of that, both last week and this week I have worked out. I'm sticking to the elliptical for now, until I feel more confident in my knees. I am also hoping to add swimming into my workout. Which was actually what I wanted to do to begin with, but the indoor base pool is run by some rather "special" people and it is still closed.

My goal is to go at least 3 times a week. From there I may move onto Monday/Wednesday/Friday swimming and Tuesday/Thursday elliptical and maybe weight machines. Right now I am trying to take it slowly as to not overwhelm myself, because if i do that I won't workout. I'm also back to eating smaller portions and cooking meals at home. We do go out once a week for a trivia night, but I making a habit of eating much less. As in I'll only eat 1/3 to 1/2 of the meal and take home the rest. While it might not be the right choice for some, it's the right one for me. I love food too much to cut out all of the bad stuff, but I am much more aware of what I put in my body. Plus this place has more fresh veggies/fruits then you can shake a stick at.

It's awesome being here because we can actually go to a farm and pick our own fresh off the tree/plant/bush produce! So far we have been to pick apples, berries, tomatoes, peaches and okra. All of this fresh stuff is really helping with my drive to lose weight!

I couldn't leave you without some pictures. This time I leave you will all of the fresh stuff we have gotten to pick!

2010-08-15 15.03.59
Okra flower with a little okra hiding next to it.

Apples...which we may have had like 6 each while picking them.

Peaches that fell off into your hands.


A very merry birthday to me!

9/19/2010 12:37:00 PM Ashley 2 Comments

My birthday was over a week ago and I still haven't done the gift post. Can anyone say unusually busy? Seriously, I've had more to do here than for the past three years combined. And I am loving every minute of it!

Now onto my birthday...

While I don't always have a busy or sometimes even good birthday, Nate always does an amazing job with finding the perfect gift. Last year he got me an awesome telescope so we can look at the stars. It was a great gift (even if it was a gift for both of us), but this year he really outdid himself!

Lets let the pictures do the talking...

A cake from our new favorite bakery! They may decorate the cake with old school flowers, but the cake and icing are drool worthy!

Yep he totally got it for me! The Ikea light I have been drooling over. We're going to convert it into a light that can be plugged in so we can use it over a table that needs light. So excited!

The smaller book is a book that my mom use to read me at bedtime. It's really hard to find, yet Nate found it!

Vibram Five Fingers! Nate's had a pair and he loves them. I had been iffy about them, but then I started working out and am beyond excited to try them out in the gym. Hopefully no more feet falling asleep!

And the best gift of all! A bouncy ball machine! Which comes with a long story...

Which I'll share now!

I have a thing about smells. I guess you could say I am very smell driven. I notice how things smell and bouncy balls were one of them. I would constantly pester my mom for quarters so I could get a new bouncy ball. To smell.

The biggest memory I have is when I figured out that a machine was broken (I was about 10) and dispensed the balls without a quarter. Well I wiped that machine out and hid away all of the balls in my t-shirt. You know the kind from the 90's...big shirts tucked into your pants. So here I was jiggling around with a shirt full of bouncy balls and my nose stuck down the neck so I could smell them. Not my proudest moment, but man did it smell good!

Flash forward to 4 years ago when I met Nate. He learned about this little quirk of mine and has fed it ever since. Now...because of him I have my very own bouncy ball dispenser where I can get that yummy bouncy ball smell whenever I so desire!

So there is my birthday roundup with the love store between me and all things round and bouncy!


9/12/2010 08:03:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

Still here...still alive. Just a year older!

I had a busy week with a birthday and many other things that I can't wait to share with all of you.

To tease is a picture of a birthday gift I received from my wonderful husband.


No worries...I'll post about that, the meaning behind it and everything I got for my birthday!


Birthday wishlist

9/07/2010 07:38:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

It might be the night before my birthday, but I figured I could still post my birthday wish list. Hey...who knows maybe someone likes me enough to get me one of these goodies. I don't mind belated gifts.



A quick trip to Target...

9/05/2010 06:18:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

...last night left me with two plates from the new John Derian for Target collection.

Water Lily Square Tray

Water Lily Serving Tray

Now the prices were actually cheaper at the store I went to. The serving tray was $9.99 and the square tray was $14.99, so if you can find them in store I'd buy them there.

I'll be going back later to see if they put out any more of his stuff seeing as today is the actual release date. I'm a bit worried though, because the plates I want are listed as an online only items. I'm hoping that means that they are selling them as sets online, but that maybe they are selling them by the piece in store. Here's hoping!

I hope you find everything you want from the John Derian line if you have been eying it like I have!


Dining room preview and something to look forward to!

9/03/2010 09:02:00 AM Ashley 1 Comments

The dining room...


It was one of the first rooms we worked on when we got here. As in we painted it. And not just one paint color, but two in the form of stripes.

Yep I did stripes again, even after I swore that I would never do stripes again. I'm a glutton for punishment.

Now even though this is the first room to be started, it will also be the last to come together. Mostly because the dining room table has become the holding place for all of the glass/decor items that don't currently have homes.

So much like we are constantly being teased with the thoughts of what the room will look like when it's finished...I am going to tease you with just a few pictures, but not the finished project. You're going to have to check back in to see it all done!

The dining room right when we moved in.

First paint color down.

Striping up and painted.

So there is your tease.

Keep an eye out for the finished product. So far I am in love with it! I can't wait till it comes all together.

Also...this is my birthday month! Squeeee! As in next week I'll be 27.


How am I almost 30!? Where has time gone!?