Emmett's visit to the vet

4/30/2010 05:48:00 PM Ashley 7 Comments

With our vet consult for Emmett being pushed back until today, I must say that the extra wait was worth it.

Emmett calmly trotted into the place without hesitation, which is saying something. At our current vet he cries and pulls and hides. He wants nothing to do with the place. You get your balls chopped off one time and apparently it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Or so I assume...seeing as I don't have balls to lose.

The receptionist came out and played with Emmett and he shared as many puppy kisses with her as he could. Amazing.

On the other hand it wasn't going perfectly for us, but that may be because our current vet never told us that we needed to pick up Emmett's x-rays to take in. Fail.

Emmett loved everyone there...except the doctor. But that may be because he had to pull and prod. Never fun for hurt puppy. Then they deiced to just take their own x-rays, which honestly we are fine with, because they are high tech and load them onto a computer...so they can actually send them other places with a lot more ease.

Then something even more amazing happened, the doctor actually talked to us and told us exactly what was going on and in terms we could understand. Whereas our personal vet and its doctors have been less than helpful. As in...the current doctor who treats him the most hadn't looked at the x-rays, never really told us what to expect, and never gave us options. Nothing. Suddenly this vet that we had been going to for two years was beginning to suck. So total shock when we were actually getting answers from this new vet.

Our vet made him go from bad, to okay, to worse, to dire.

Today's vet let us know that we could ride it out for a bit with what we are currently doing and by adding some things to our routine. Then he discussed the more major treatments (surgeries). We will have to do surgery, we just have to decided which will work best for us.

Honestly it's great to know that we can wait for a bit, which allows us to save for his hip replacement. And at a wopping $5000 for ONE hip, we're going to need to save. The doctor also gave us info for vets to look into for our coming move.

On a geek note, we got to play with the metal implant to see what it looks like and how it works. Pretty sure Nate would have pocketed it, to play with, if he could.

Oh, and when we went to pay...we realized that they didn't make us pay for the x-ray. Truly amazing and kind of them.

I feel better about all of this, knowing that we did nothing to cause this and that we have more options than what we were first given. On the other hand this great visit is making me give major side eye to our current vet. We're rather happy that we'll only have to deal with them for a few more months.

*I couldn't post about Emmett and not give you pictures!


For shame Banana Republic

4/28/2010 02:35:00 PM Ashley 4 Comments

For shame!

I'm highly disappointed in how you ship things. Last week or so I bought a pair of earrings online when they were having 40% off of their jewelry. I've been in the market for more studs and loved these pearl earrings, because they look like a real pair I have that I don't wear all the time (for safe keeping).

Waiting at the door today was my package. I honestly was expecting it to be in my mail box, I mean they are studs after all.




Was there really a need for such a large box? One that I might expect to receive if I ordered a shirt or two. And for such a large box...did you think it was okay that the earrings just rattled around freely...protected by nothing more than a lackluster bubble wrap envelope?


Can you not afford padded envelopes? It would make shipping costs less for those that have to pay shipping and it wouldn't be such a waist. I mean come on...they are tiny! FAIL!


At least they are cute on!

And seeing as we're on the topic of you being full of fail...I think you're running out of ideas for your jewelry.

Does it look familiar? No? Well it does to me.

Humor me and follow me to my jewelry drawer.


A few of those look like your earring? Well lets get a closer look...


Oh yeah those would be earrings I bought from you a few years ago. I knew there was a reason I was taking a break from you. You just find ways to keep disappointing me. Remember when you were awesome a few years ago? When you had a good mix of products, it was built well and you really cared about your customer? Can we go back to that? And seriously can someone have an original thought?


Some things around the bedroom

4/28/2010 12:02:00 PM Ashley 1 Comments

Our room doesn't have a whole lot of cohesiveness right now, but it's to be expected when you are working on changing the over all look. Then again you're talking to the girl who's high school bedroom was covered in stuff. I had a whole wall turned into a cork board because I had so much stuff on my walls. So the fact that I'm no longer living/sleeping in a cluttered mess is really saying something. I've come a long way.

Now while I will love to add more grey and yellow to the room, I will always keep certain things in the room, even if they don't "match". Some things are there because they are pretty and others have been added for storage.



On the far dresser you may have noticed these perfume bottles. They are something I collect. There is a glass blower at the local Renaissance Fair in Colorado, who makes beautiful vases (which my mom use to collect). Well he also makes these perfume bottles. I love the colors and of course beautiful glass work. The clear perfume bottle was my mom's. It still has the scent in it, which is something that reminds me of her. The elephant was once silver, but now tarnished. He was a gift to my mom many years ago and he now lives with me. He sits upon a wood cigar box, which holds some of my many vintage brooches. I absolutely love cigar boxes. They can be well built and have a nice smell to them (I love how cigars smell).


Nate's catch-all, which was moved into the bedroom from the kitchen. Sometimes he has the issue of not using the catch-all and misplaces things. I thought that it might work better for him if it was in the bedroom and so far it's working. He can toss his wallet, phone, keys and watch there and know where everything is. The coin is from his old Air Force Academy squadron and of course you can never not have play-doh around.


I also finally moved my perfumes into the bedroom. Before they were sitting on a ledge in the bathroom and would get hit with some direct sunlight...which is never good. Now they all live very happily in this mirrored tray that I got at Target. The tray is also right next to my jewelry armoire, so I can get fragrance on before jewelry. Which is always good...especially for the pearls.

Those are a few things that make our room...ours. Sooner or later we'll actually get around to printing out wedding photos and have them hanging in the room.

Do you have things in your room that make it more "you"?


Wants for the house in CO

4/27/2010 08:45:00 PM Ashley 3 Comments

The post about my home in Colorado really got me thinking about everything we want to do with the house. I know it's two years away, but I can dream and dream I will. I want to mess with the downstairs the most (with thoughts traveling to the two upstairs bathrooms). I wanted to share some of my hopes for updates to make the house a home.

As a refresher here are some pictures of the house...for reference (and my enjoyment).


This is what you see when you first walk in (both the living room, dining room and kitchen in far back).

What been done:
~Painted the wall that separates the living area from the kitchen.
~Changed the light fixture in the dining area.

What we want to change:
~Paint the wall with the window (in one of the striping colors) so that the dining area seems more like its own space.
~Window treatments.
~Pull out carpet and put in wood floors.


What's been done:
~Changed out light with a pot rack that also has a light in it.

What we want to change:
~Put in stone or tile floors (also in half bath).
~New sink
~Counter tops and back splash.


What's been done:
~Changed light over front door.

What we'd like to change:
~Cover ledge in stone or tile (who puts painted wood right behind the sink!?)
~Tile/stone at front entrance area (or just extend the wood?).
~Change the ceiling fan.
~You can't see it, but to the left of the wall there is a garage entrance that would also get tile/stone.

So there are my wants. Now here are a few things I am drooling over...

Tile ideas (because I just can't figure out what to do in the kitchen area):

Wood flooring (we're pretty much set on dark/black wood because it's perfect for how much light the house gets):

Well there are some of the things we want to do.

What do you think? Is there a wood floor or tile that you just love? Care to link it?


Bedroom redo

4/27/2010 01:49:00 PM Ashley 6 Comments

Man last week was a little crazy for me. Nate went off to Cali yet again for work, which of course left me here. Lets just say I was a smidgen on edge after what I went through with Emmett the last time Nate left.

No issues with the dog meant that I got to get a lot done in our bedroom. Talk about a place that gets neglected every step of the way. It's the one room we tend to ignore the most, which is sad seeing as it's our personal space. I guess what I am trying to say is that I got tired of us living out of laundry hampers when we have two perfectly working dressers.

When we moved to our current location we were living in sin...but that's another topic. We were living with all of my furniture, which is great, but we had been talking about upgrading our bed size from a queen to a cal king. After much debate we found a set that we both loved and we went for it. It was our first purchase of furniture that was for us.

Having a new bed of course meant that we needed new bedding. No issues there...right? Wrong. I could not find a bedding set that I liked, which meant that our nice new bed was covered with scrap blankets. I finally found a set at Macy's and while I didn't love it, I knew it would work for the time being.


That is what our room looked like up until yesterday...okay not exactly...I threw the bed together right before I stripped it down to make way for the new (I wanted to give you all a before image). So pretend that it looks super happy and cheerful and well made. Got the image? Great!

I love green, sometimes too much and honestly I wanted to get away from a green theme in the room. After two years with this bedding I started my search...for grey and yellow. That color combo makes me drool and has for a long long time, as in before it was popular and played out. Of course it wasn't an easy combo to come by, but search I did. I finally found the perfect look form Blissliving. Now I wish I could say I pounced on it, but instead I hemmed and hawed over it. I looked elsewhere. I always came back to the bedding from them. Then on our last trip to Colorado I found it at The Great Indoors. It was the first time I had seen it in person and I fell hard. Of course I didn't get it...I'm crazy. I was iffy about the price and wanted to price compare. Low-and-behold when I took Nate to see it...it was 30% off! Score!

I've been holding onto it for awhile...because I was thinking I wouldn't put it out till we moved, but we both agreed we needed something to freshen up our room. That finally happened this weekend when I did a HUGE bedroom cleaning. I purged more clothing and stuff...I vacuumed under the bed as best as I could...I did bucket of laundry...reorganized all of our drawers...move pictures around...mopped/polished the floors...organized our closet. Everything that could be done was done. To top it off I switch out the bedding...finally. I thought it would be a great treat for Nate to come home to, especially after a long week of FUBAR. Heheh...I knew I could get that term in here somewhere!

Finally...the "after". Now keep in mind we rent and cannot paint, so the paint that is there is not our doing. Also, with this room redo we are in major need of art. That's not going to happen right away, but it will happen!





There's our room! It feels so bright...but that may also be because I opened the windows. Yeah we don't do that a lot because our house backs up to a road and people walking by can look straight into our backyard and in turn our windows.

The crazy part of me wants a rug, but I know that we won't need one when we finally end up in our final destination. All in all I love love love the look. I know that I will be able to do so much with it when we are back in Colorado. Maybe a yellow wall? Artwork of course!

So there you have it! My week long project of cleaning, organizing and a new look.

Like what you see...here's a list of things in our room.

Metal letters above our bed~ Anthropologie
Original bedding~ Style & Co. from Macy's
New bedding~ Blissliving "Ashley Citron"
Furniture~ Pottery Barn Sumatra Collection
Table Lamps~ Pottery Barn
Jewelry Armoire~ Pier One (no longer available)
Yellow/grey pillows~ Dwell for Target

If you can think of anything that would be great to fill these bare walls, I'd love to know!


After these messages...

4/26/2010 05:11:00 PM Ashley 3 Comments

I swear that after today I will get back into regular blogging! I have been working on a project/decorating that I want my husband to see before I share it all with you.

He's been out of town yet again and I am picking him up later today. I pinky promise that by tomorrow you will see what I have been up to.

On a less than fun note, tomorrow is Emmett's consultation for hip replacement. I'm crossing my fingers that everything goes well and that everything will work out, especially with everything we have coming up. Life never stops...but that's what reminds us that we are alive.

To suck up for my lack of posting and gratuitous picture of the one and only light of our lives...

Until tomorrow!



4/25/2010 02:28:00 PM Ashley 1 Comments

Hey everyone! Just wanted to stop in and say that I have joined the wonderful world of Formspring!

What does that mean?

Now if you have a question...no matter what it is, you can go and ask me! I have a link set up in my side bar to make it easy to find. So if you have a pressing question for me, get on it, because I'd love to answer!

Click on the image and ask away!


Blogs to harass

4/23/2010 10:12:00 PM Ashley 1 Comments

I've been holed up in the bedroom trying to get some stuff done. I honestly have lost track of time for the past few days. While I don't have anything amazing to talk about...I wanted to point you to two wonderful blogs that I love reading. They both just got 50 followers and have decided to each have a give away! Check them out!

A Little Bit of Everything: Just like her title says...you can find a little bit of everything over there, but a lot of fashion and beauty! Such a fun blog!

The Pretty Pauper
: She has outfits of the day...which I always love seeing! She's a Coloradoan...which makes me love her even more! I also love that she talks about the randomness that you may see in her photos.

Got check them out...follow...enter to win goodies!



4/22/2010 01:50:00 PM Ashley 1 Comments

I must say...I am very lucky to have so many wonderful blog readers and in turn many of those readers have some fabulous blogs! Because of that I have received another blog award! I feel very lucky to have so many people who enjoy what I write about. It makes me feel a little less crazy knowing that others actually like what is going on in my head!

Without further ado my newest award!

I received this award by the wonderful Cassie over at Understated. She cooks...man does she cook. I drool a lot when I go over there. I've already "threatened" that I may show up at her house so she can feed me. I have to agree when she says that if we lived close that we would be best friends. Cassie, if you're a stalker...I'm a stalker! Can we be long distance BFFs?

Here are the rules:

Accept and thank the person who gave it to you!
List 10 things about yourself
List 5 additional things you DON'T like
Then pick ten people to give this lovely award to!

Man these list things about myself stuff is hard...

1. I own such a vibrant array of clothing that if I wanted I could split my piles of laundry into separate colors. Now when I say could...I actually mean that I have done that.
2. I got to see the Hubble Space Telescope. No not in a picture...as in I got to see it in person! I have a cousin who works for Lockheed Martin and he took us on a tour of where he worked. That means I got to see the HST in the largest clean room I have ever seen (like I've seen tons of clean rooms)!
3. Minus my skating, I'm the least athletic person you'll ever meet. This may have something to do with my pension to fall down a lot, randomly at that.
4. I've actually won state yearbook awards for my photography. Don't be fooled by my lackluster point and shoot photos!
5. I'm oddly good at dressing and undressing mannequins. This might have something to do with years of my life spent in retail. Once upon a time you could find me in a display window with my butt pressed up against the glass putting pants on a mannequin. Oh yeah...you know you want to picture it!
6. I drink iced tea like a fiend. I almost always order it when we eat out and I make sun tea at home.
7. I'm mathematically challenged. I actually did poorly on my reading for my SAT because it always came after the math and by then my mind had shut down.
8. I love the way a new bouncy ball smells fresh out of the vending machine. I can and will smell them for hours. I own a crap ton of bouncy balls because of this odd addiction.
9. I've shown up at the Air Force Academy wearing my German beer wench costume just because it was a friend's birthday. My outfit distracted a student so much that he ran into a wall.
10. Sometimes when I have to pee...I dance. Not the legs crossed kind...more of a boogie down, butt shaking dance.

1. I don't like kids. I think I was born without the mommy gene. I see them and a small part of me freaks out.
2. I don't like nuts. The texture bugs the crap out of me.
3. I don't like women who don't know how to walk in heels. That dragging noise they make as they drag their heels bugs me to no end.
4. I don't like the feeling of foam (like on hangers and those mattress pads). It makes my skin crawl.
5. I don't like Crocs...actually I loathe Crocs. I think they are the ugliest footwear I have ever seen.

Okay so I know that I am supposed to pick ten people to give this award to, but I am being a rebel and giving it to all of my blog readers. So take it...enjoy...post about it so I can enjoy learning about you!


How I met my house

4/21/2010 09:00:00 PM Ashley 8 Comments

There's a party going on over at Our Suburban Cottage...the How I Met My House Party! I just had to play. I'm going to be a little different and not introduce you to the current house we live in, but the home I own in Colorado.

A lot of you may not know that I have owned a home in Colorado Springs, CO for over three years. I bought my home just a few short months after my mom passed away. I was 23 and ready to be out of the house (for many many many reasons). Being single meant that I wanted something smaller. Who knew how long I was going to be single...apparently not long because I started dating Nate in September and moved into my house in October. At first I was really stuck on living in an older home (1950 and earlier). It wasn't the smartest plan as it was going to be my first home and I probably wasn't going to keep an old home properly maintained. I started looking at newer houses when I came across this cute, yet very suburban home.


I was sold just by the outside. My Realtor made quick work of getting me in to see the house. My first step in and I knew it was the perfect first house for me.


Walking into the house I was greeted by stairs, a view of the loft and the living room. It was an amazingly open house with tons of natural light.


The kitchen was at the back of the house, but looked into the living room.


I cannot count how many times I rammed my head into that damn light. It found my head every. single. time I went over to look at the house. It was the first thing to go when I moved in.


The area next to the kitchen was the dinning room...that light fixture also went, as it was just as evil as the fixture in the kitchen.


When I moved in the dinning set was one of the nicest pieces I had. You can also see the new light fixture...which I made from a metal basket that I bought at Pier 1. The wall to the right, which divided the kitchen from the living area is the wall that I striped.


I decided to stripe that wall to make it stand out and make the space its own (the stuff in the picture is not mine). When I get back to the house I may paint the wall with the window as well to make it more of a "room".


Upstairs there is a nice sized loft and two bedrooms. The door in the picture is the master bedroom.

I didn't get to do a lot to the house, because soon after buying it Nate asked me to move with him. Which of course led to the proposal and marriage. I decided to keep the house and rent it out to a friend. I always had the hopes of us moving back to Colorado, but never knew when or if that would happen. I think part of me couldn't give up Colorado and how much I wanted it to still be my home.

We just recently found out that me keeping the house was a great idea, because within two years we will be moving back to Colorado for Nate's job. I am beyond excited that we will be back in Colorado and that we have a house to come back to. I'm also very excited to make it ours and to actually...really live in it! There's so much I want to do with the place. Wood floors...tile in the kitchen, entry and bathrooms...redoing the kitchen and yard. By no means will it be our forever home, but it's ours and I can't wait to get back to it!

How did you meet your home (wherever you live)?


Never ending house work

4/21/2010 01:28:00 PM Ashley 5 Comments

Our house is a disaster...and that is being kind. I'm cleaning, but it's hard to tell. I'm the kind of cleaner that rips everything apart and then puts it back in place. It always gets worse before it gets better. If you clean like it do, then you understand.

Why all the cleaning?

Hopefully I can share that with you all soon. For now it's just a lot of cleaning. Right now I am filling Rubbermaid boxes with clothing that doesn't currently fit me. Don't you dare tell me to get rid of it. My skinny clothing is one of the things that keeps me going with this weight loss goal. I have some fabulous pieces that I'm just not willing to give up. Maybe I won't like them when I fit into them again...but dang it I am not taking any chances!

Don't worry though...I did thin some of the clothing out for donation. I already had one huge donation pile and am working on another pile! I'm very proud of the fact that I am able to get rid of so much stuff. I'm usually such a pack rat, but I'm having to be logical about it now (especially with the military lifestyle).

In between packing boxes and doing laundry I was able to fit in some Wii Fit time. Luckily I am holding pretty steady with my weight loss. Always a good thing if you ask me! Today Emmett was being extra helpful with my weigh in...

As soon as I pull the board out Emmett usually decides to lay next to it and watch me. Every once-in-awhile I have to shoo him away because he has rested his head on the board and made my weight balloon up a few extra pounds. Pounds I do not want added!



I am in desperate need of a pedicure...this I know. And yes, vacuuming is on my list of things to do either today or tomorrow (man I hate vacuuming). It's windy here...still. I find my desire to dust and vacuum decrease as the wind increases. There's probably some sort of mathematical equation that goes along with that.

What is a chore that you hate doing? How often do you purge your house and/or closet?


A little pretty vintage

4/20/2010 12:20:00 PM Ashley 6 Comments

I'm in need of something pretty to look at, today is feeling like a Monday and I need to shake those blues. I figured what better than a beautiful vintage dress to fill the need of pretty things? I still have a few more to share (crazy I know).

Today's dress is heavy. I mean that in the best way possible. With the crazy amount of beading it has on it...it could easily weigh over 5lbs! The crazy thing about it is that someone actually made the skirt shorter on it, so I can't even begin to guess how heavy it actually was. The fabric is heavy as well, which isn't too shocking with the copious amounts of beading the fabric has to hold up to. In person it is a beautiful dusty sage green dress that is easily from the 50's. It looks as though every bead and twist of ribbon was hand applied. They don't make them like this anymore!


Bust without flash so you can see the bead work.

Detail of the bead work and the gold thread/robe that weaves its way around the rhinestones.


This was a dress that was probably worn for a short period of time. When I put it on the first thing I noticed was of course the weight, which you could probably get use to. The there is the fact that the beading is everywhere...even under the arms. I'd be afraid of the robe and rhinestones rubbing me the wrong way. None-the-less it is a breathtaking dress!

On a side note I just realized that we are part the middle part of April...which means I am overdue for a giveaway! I need to look through my goodies to figure out what will be a part of this giveaway. That means keep an eye out for a review...cause that just might be part of the winnings!


Stolen photography

4/19/2010 02:36:00 PM Ashley 5 Comments

I'm part of a blogging community and was looking around their forum, that's how I found out that a very talented photographer, Melissa Papaj, is having her photos used without her consent. Now I know a lot of you will say...it's the internet, everything is up for grabs. I say it's still not right. What makes this even worse is that her photography is being stolen by another "photographer" who is playing it off as his own work (you can see the site here).

This is sickening, saddening and apparently not the first time this photographer has done this.

Why am I writing about this? Because I feel that people should know about this deceitful person. Also, once upon-a-time I use to love photography and was actually good at it and if I ever had my work stolen I would be devastated. He is apparently located in San Diego...so if you're out there and need a photographer stay away!

No one deserves to have their hard work stolen, especially when it's being used in hopes of getting jobs (and money).

If you're in Utah and need a photographer, I would recommend Melissa Papaj, her work is beautiful and is her own.


It's the small things

4/16/2010 03:23:00 PM Ashley 7 Comments

Today I didn't not hate my Wii as much as I might have a few days ago. I have lost 3lbs, which makes me happy! I also stayed and worked out on the Wii for 30 minutes, and while I know that may not be the same as 30 minutes at a gym, it's pretty dang good for me!

I did a medium grocery shop this past Wednesday and I am very proud of myself. I went in hungry which we all know is probably the dumbest move ever. Yet I stuck to my guns and pretty much only shopped the outside of the store...you know...where most of the healthy stuff is. Lots of fruit and fresh veggies found their way home and we even tried ground turkey for our tacos. HUGE step for us.

I've also rediscovered granola and how much I like it. Lets just say my body thanks me for the extra fiber and leave it at that.

All and all I am happy with the path that I am on. I think I'm not freaking out because I haven't gone over the top with the changes in my diet. I've added good things, while just taking in less of the bad.

I'm still wanting to go swimming, but Nate and I are going to have to figure out a schedule for that because we can't currently leave Emmett at home alone. None of us are up for unneeded vet visits when we have a bunch of scheduled ones coming up.

I needed this little weight loss to keep me going.

What are things you do to keep yourself driven while losing weight or getting in shape?


Another award! Squeeeee!

4/15/2010 11:18:00 AM Ashley 6 Comments

I just received two...yes two blogger awards in one day! Can we talk about excitement!? I've got the warm and fuzzies knowing that people read and enjoy this blog. Seeing as I received two...I want to split them into two different posts.

One of the awards that I received is The Beautiful Blogger Award from the lovely Lindsay over at Canadian Girl on a Budget.

The rules for this one is:

1. List 7 things about me
2. Give this award to 7 people
3. Let them know!

First my seven random facts...

1. I use to figure skate. I wasn't the best at jumps but damn did I love to spin and spin and spin. It also didn't hurt that I loved wearing those shiny little outfits. Because of my skating I got to meet and skate with some of the most amazing professionals of the time. I adored skating in the ice shows, but my heart just wasn't fully into the competition side of skating. So, when they tore down the Broadmoor Ice Arena, I hung up my skates (except for the occasional open skate).

2. I have no middle name. My mom said that I was stuck with a last name and that they chose my first name, so the least they could do is let me pick a middle name if I wanted one. I've never found a name that I have loved so much that I wanted to use it as a middle name. Plus after changing my last name I do not want to go through that hassle ever again!

3. I have a stuffed puppy, who I named "puppy", that I sleep with (don't judge). He was a gift from my mom when I was younger. She gave him to me because I was going through a rough time in school with other girls harassing and making fun of me. Puppy is probably one of the most treasured thing I own.

4. I've never finished college and I don't really have a desire to. I never liked school. I was decent at it, but once I got to college I found nothing that excited me. Everyone had some idea of what they wanted to do, yet to this day I still haven't the slightest clue what I want to be. I also got tired of paying a butt load of money to schools that treated me like a number. If I really wanted to learn something I can read the book myself.

5. I'm a Colorado native through and through. I love it there. I love the mountains and the crisp air. I love watching the sun set behind the mountains and the way the sun makes freshly fallen snow shimmer. Yet recently I have been finding myself thinking about what it would be like to live in Oregon or Washington. Part of me likes the idea of ocean being near by, as I have never lived near one.

6. Sometimes I wonder how I ever got paid to help/tell people how to dress. Maybe that's because I currently have no idea what to do with this new, unwanted, body shape. I feel like after three years that I might not remember how to dress myself if I ever get back to a good size for me.

7. I have a very solid collection of nice vases and home goods that I saved from being tossed from stores visual displays. You'd be amazed at the things they are told to toss. Good things...nice, usable things. One time I found a dumpster full of mannequins. If you know anything about them, you know they are not cheap! So I took a bunch and put them in my trunk...which made me forget about them. That is until I was driving onto base and got stopped for a vehicle check. Lets just say the gate guard thought I was extra special for driving around half form mannequins. .

And now for the blogs I pass this award onto...

1. Grow some stones, Laddie
2. Couture & Crayons
3. Funky Mama Bird
4. Tall Glass of Water
5. The Pretty Pauper
6. Understated
7. The Restless Blogger


Where am I?

4/13/2010 09:12:00 AM Ashley 3 Comments

Don't worry I'm not lost. I've just wandered away to another blog.

As in I am guest posting over at Posh Pieces! Seriously go...enjoy her blog and read my guest post! It's awesome!

Lets just say that it's yet another craft that I made...

I hope you like it!


Trying out breakfast

4/12/2010 10:17:00 AM Ashley 4 Comments

I weighed myself today...which was the first time I have done so in four days. I'm holding steady at my 186. Apparently lifting and carrying around a 30lb dog was not quite the workout I thought it was going to be. Though my arms do beg to differ.

I actually woke up earlier than usual today so that I could fix myself an omelet with spring onions and tomato. In all honesty I am not a morning person nor a breakfast eater. I've never liked how breakfast has made me feel if I eat before 9am (my stomach is never feels right). I want to be able to eat breakfast...so we'll see if I can work my way into eating without feeling sick.

I am excited about the fact that I bought a big tub of yogurt and I split it up into separate containers and added fresh strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. I also have granola to sprinkle on the top.

I'm trying really hard to be better about my snacking habits, because I know that is one of the things that is truly biting me in the butt.

I'm busy working on some things around the house...so just maybe you can expect a post later about something I am working on!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Relaxing...what is that?

4/11/2010 11:14:00 AM Ashley 3 Comments

Well the husband is home from his trip to Cali. Oh did I forget to mention that through everything with Emmett I was alone...yeah only a lot stressful. Of course now that Nate is home, Emmett is feeling better and actually walking and doing bodily functions on his own. I'm trying not to be biter about this, but this is pretty common with our relationship with Emmett. I get all of the awful heartbreaking crap to deal with and Nate gets awesome happy Emmett.

I'm amazingly happy that Emmett is feeling better and that Nate is home, because it means that I can work on a project (which I am very excited about). Don't worry I will share it with you very soon!

I also wanted to share that a favorite blog of mine is doing an awesome giveaway. Head over to Deconstructed Life and follow her! You won't be sorry!

Have a great Sunday!


What's in my purse and random update

4/10/2010 09:41:00 AM Ashley 8 Comments

My butt hurts.

I just wanted to throw that out there for you.

I guess I should preface that with the fact that I slept on the floor again last night. I'm still taking care of our little fuzzy butt. We had some issues with the lower half...lets just say lots of trips outside with me begging him to do something. We'll be buying some canned pumpkin and/or yams to hopefully fix that.

I will say that I have bee getting quite the workout through all of this. Lots of squats and lifting/holding/carrying of the Emmett. Most people work their way up with lighter weights...not me, I went straight for the 30lb dog.

Okay I want to keep this blog fun today and I was thinking about what to do, then I read the always fabulous blog of Andi over at Saltwater Dreams. She did a "what's in your purse" and I thought that would be a ton of fun and easy to do with me living in the living room currently.

I dumped out the purse and laughed...man how did I go from carrying a tiny purse to a large purse that I could live out of? How life changes!

I'll try to list everything from left to right.


1. I'll start with my very cute purse from Radley (which I talked about here). Don't you just love the polka dots peaking out from the inside?
2. Collection of keys which includes house keys, keys to house in Colorado, Versa keys and Audi keys.
3. Wisps...probably one of the coolest breath/teeth fresheners I have ever used. Ever have those days where you would love to brush your teeth to freshen up? Must have!
4. Striped bag
5. Origins Ginger roll on perfume.
6. Make up bag that's really full of lip stuff.
7. Eye glass cleaner.
8. Face blotting sheets from Sephora.
9. Olivina Lavender hand lotion (love this stuff!), I first found it at a olive/winery in Sonoma, CA.
10. Tide stain pen.
11. Tea tree oil toothpicks.
12. Honey mint Altoids.
13. Hard candies from our favorite sushi restaurant.
14. Origins pressed powder.
15. Bumble and Bumble travel sized hairspray (to help fight off the crazy wind).
16. Gum.
17. Girlie case to hold girlie things.
18. Banana Republic sunglasses.
19. Wallet (yes I know it's amazing it's in here).
20. Pens because people take them.
21. Check book (I know I still use them...crazy).
22. Tissues (must have).
23. Fold up brush with mirror from Sephora.
24. Pill case with some Zertec off to the side...just for those moments of major allergy issues.
25. Cell phone (My Touch).
26. A whole collection of stuff for Emmett. After these past two days everything he's been on got tossed into my purse along with his leash (no he couldn't walk...but better safe than sorry). The needles are for his Adequan injections (shiver).

Holy craziness Batman! I have a lot of stuff...granted I usually am not carrying around all of that stuff for Emmett, I just wanted to make sure the Pet ER knew what he was on when I took him in. Everything else pretty much lives in my purse all the time!

My striped bag holds all of my store cards, gift cards and business cards. I also carry these amazing scented towelettes in there as well (wonderful for freshening up).

My makeup bag was actually my mom's makeup bag that she carried in her purse! Funny enough I only really carry lipstick and glosses in there. Hey you never know what color you might need!

So there you have it...everything that is in my purse! I carry a lot...but use pretty much everything. I guess I moved up to the larger bag so I can always be prepared and still have room to toss things in there when I need to. Oh and can I tell you how amazing the longer strap on my purse has been? I've been able to toss it over my head while carrying Emmett and I never had to worry about losing it. One less thing to worry about!

What's in your purse?