Life: Hiding under my rock

4/26/2012 07:40:00 PM Ashley 2 Comments

I'm alive, hard to believe I know. Some mornings I wake up and wonder if I'm actually living or just watching life happen around me.

Lets just say it's been a tumultuous month with more downs than ups since being back here. Unpacking and decorating have pretty much come to a halt as we decide what our next steps are.

I knew moving back here was going to be hard, but I didn't expect the issues and stress that I've seen this last month. If you had asked me 2 years ago where I wanted to be I would have quickly said that I wanted to be back here. That was me holding onto something...a memory if you will. A memory that had long passed, a fact that I knew, but I still held onto. It was all I had known for 24 years of my life. It was my stability, no matter how unstable my life actually was here. Deep down I knew that coming back here was not an option, but I held on. More and more reality set in. I knew there would be problems, but I never excepted them to show themselves in this way.

I haven't felt well since I got here, some of it due to the huge altitude change, but also the added stress and fear of being back. My last 2 years here were not happy ones. Indeed some might say they were tragic. It's something I dealt with and will continue to deal with, but being back here makes it that much harder.

I don't want to spend the next 3 years in fear. I can't and I won't, it's not fair to me or Nate. So we are in a holding pattern until things get smoothed out around here. That means happy decorating post and how to organize ideas will have to wait. I will try to post, but I can't make any promises. Right now we are in the process of moving forward. Hopefully it won't take too long as Nate and I are needing a happier month. And maybe...just maybe we'll be back with better, happier news!


Decor: Half bath

4/12/2012 08:00:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

In our last house we had a half bathroom downstairs. It wasn't very big, but we chose to have fun with it and painted one wall in a bright blue. We kept the accents neutral with black and white.

We wanted to do something similar in our new half bath because we really liked the black and white pieces that we had. So instead of changing the accent colors we decided to go with a whole new wall color.

Our half bath in this house is very long and narrow, with the toilet facing the sink. Which gives us one very long wall. This is the wall that we will paint.

Pretty much the day after we got here we bought paint samples. I was really leaning towards a bright kelly green, though one aqua blue did make it into the mix. Funny enough when I posted a photo with the paint swatches on my FB wall everyone went straight for the aqua.

Out of the four colors we decided to go with the green on the far left. It is the perfect brightness and doesn't have as much yellow in it as the one next to it. 

In fact for all of the paint swatches we have around the house, this was the first color to be chosen for a room (then we decided on navy for the guest bedroom). 

Here's the mood board that I came up with quickly to give an idea for what we are wanting in the bathroom:

The green is Behr's "Formal Garden", it's bright, fresh and exactly what we wanted. The bath rug is a carry over from our last bathroom and is from Target. We also want to update the faucet for the sink, which is actually a nice pedestal sink. And we want to get rid of those awful, cheap looking "Hollywood" dressing room lights. We're still not sure what kind of lighting we'll go with, but a little crystal bling never hurt anyone! Something else that we may end up doing is moving the towel bar (seen in swatch photos). It sits pretty much in the middle of the wall and it's unattractive. If anything we'll get a towel ring and move it closer to the sink. Plus it will free up the wall for art...which I'm thinking I'll keep black and while.

This is probably one of the easiest rooms for us to work on, but I think the paint and new fixtures will make for a fresh new look. Which is great because it will be one of the rooms that anyone coming over will see/use.


Decor: Guest bedroom plans

4/10/2012 08:00:00 AM Ashley 1 Comments

Many boxes are still waiting to be unpacked. Okay a lot of boxes are waiting to be unpacked, but that's not stopping me from planning how I am going to decorate each room. In fact the day after we got here paint color samples had been purchased and placed onto the walls. Some rooms have fallen together while others are still fighting to come together.

I've been using Pinterest to create mood boards for each room and one of the rooms to have the most solidified idea is our guest bedroom. Right before we had moved we got rid of the bed frame that I had since I was in middle school. Yep...almost a 20 year old bed right there. I was hoping to replace it with the Edland bed from IKEA, as I have always wanted a four poster bed. Who cares if it's not a bed I sleep in, I still want one!

I knew I wanted the Edland and we have bedding from Pottery Barn that we love, so really all that was left was paint and some window treatments. Well wall paint kind of fell into our laps. When we were at Lowe's looking at paint samples, I stopped by the discount paint. As usual there were some awful colors like dusty mauve. Some colors should be discontinued, and that's one of them. But in the back I spotted a color that Nate thought was a dark purple. I knew instantly that it was a navy and found the swatch in the same color name. After deciding that it was indeed navy the can went into the cart. We spent a whopping $5 on it. 

Also around that time I had seen a picture at Sherwin Williams that had a navy wall and a bright pink bed.  Um hello, yes please. The Edland screams to be painted! 

So really all that was left was actually purchasing the Edland. Easier said than done. The Edland is gone off the IKEA website. You heard that right. Gone. As in they are getting rid of it. I just about died. Luckily we made a trip to our local IKEA the same day I figured that out. As we made our way through the torturous maze of IKEA goodies I felt anxious. I wanted that damn bed and all I could do was hope that they might still have a few. I almost blazed past the display Edland as I rushed through the bed area. There it stood...sad, discontinued and at a reduced price! The full was sold out...but the queen...they showed that they still had the queen size bed! Again the anxiousness as we had to work our way down to the furniture wear house. We gathered the items for our entertainment set, which was also being discontinued (are you seeing a theme!?) and I rushed over the the asile. There, in its designated spot were 2 queen Edland's and one of them was going to be going home with us. Well...maybe. It was a long box and we were in the tiny Versa. After some panicked measurements and a $200 shipping quote  the box fit into the car. Barely. But it fit and that's all that mattered. 

So now we have all of the important items. It's just a matter of getting the guest bedroom emptied of boxes, getting the wall painted, putting together the Edland and getting the room set up. 

I know that was a huge long story to get to the idea board. But putting an idea board together is much easier than putting it together in real life. So yeah. Here's my basic idea board:

The bedroom pretty much came together like this:

We've had the Woodland Organic Duvet from Potter Barn for about 4 years. We love it and don't plan on getting rid of it any time soon. And why would we? The colors are bright and easy to play with when decorating.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Then came my desire to have the Edland. We waited on him till after the move (almost a dumb mistake).

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Then we found our $5 gallon of Allen & Roth (by Valpsar) paint in "Night Shift".

Almost magically I came across this photo at our local Sherwin Williams. Perfect timing! Plus I love the pink that they used.

Said pink is called "Exuberant Pink" from Sherwin Williams. Which may or may not be what I use to to paint the Edland. And what is used on the bed frame in the picture above.

All that would be left is figuring out some wall decor and some window treatments. Currently I am liking these curtains from Urban Outfitters:

I will say that the bed fame being painted pink will greatly depend on how the wall looks with the bedding pulled out. While I love the navy and pink, it may just be too much. Well have to see once we get there. But I must say I am very excited for this room. It's the first design for our house that I have been excited about in awhile. We're finally getting away from neutrals and going for bold and bright color.

I'll get the results posted as soon as they're done. Whenever that may be. Though apparently that room and the guest bathroom has to be done by the summer. Or so I've been informed by a friend! No worries though, if it's not done by the summer we have bigger problems.


Life: Settling in

4/06/2012 09:43:00 AM Ashley 1 Comments

We're finally in our new home and as of last night we have internet! We got here on Sunday after a long three day drive filled with Kansas and some  car troubles.

Monday and Tuesday were filled with address changes, prepping for our household goods, figuring out what needs to be fixed right away around the house and thinking about paint colors.

Wednesday our household goods showed up. Everything went amazingly smooth due in part to the amazing employees with United Van Lines. If you live in the Ohio/Illinois area we highly, highly recommend Planes United.

We were able to get the living room mostly unpacked Wednesday evening, which felt good. But we are still faced with the daunting task of getting things to fit in the house. This time around we are living in a smaller house, so we won't have room for some of our furniture and other items. That means we'll be getting a storage unit.

Honestly I'd rather get a bigger house, but in the long run that is a silly idea as we may not be staying here for more than the required 3 years. By that time Nate will be able to get out of the military and currently that's the goal. But that's a whole other topic. So yeah, while we would like a bigger house, with a better kitchen, we will make due. We can do a lot of little things around the house to make it better. Along with that we have future  flooring and kitchen reno plans.

I'm working on getting pictures taken as we set up each room so that I can do blog posts about it. Though it may take some time, as the altitude adjustment is kicking my ass. After 24 years of living here and not fully understanding the effects, I finally get what it feels like to have the altitude hand my ass to me daily. All due to the fact that we gained 5500+ feet.

Today there will be more unpacking with a possible trip to IKEA to look at some furniture ideas for our living space. The more the ideas in my head come together and translate well into our home, the better I will feel. I'm ready to have this place be a home and have it decorated the way that we have been dreaming of.