DIY and Crafts: Ornament Wreath How To

12/03/2009 08:55:00 PM Ashley 6 Comments

I have been making a lot of these ornament wreaths, and because of that I have been inundated with questions on how to make them. Seeing as there aren't a lot of picture guides for making this version, I decided to post a quick tutorial.

What you'll need:

1 wire wreath form (found at any hobby store)

60+ medium/large ornaments (based on a wreath that ends up being 23 inches wide)

60+ smaller filler ornaments (this is going to vary greatly based on how much you need to fill in gaps and holes)

First I glue the tops to the ornaments (mostly for extra support).

Then I snip off half the loop (where you put the ornament hanger through) and I add a bit of hot glue to that and stick it to the metal form.

I continue gluing the tops to the form and as I work my way around I also glue each new ornament to the last one added.

Once the outside and inside circles are filled I turn it over and add more glue to the part of the ornaments that are touching the form.

What the back looks like...

Wreath taking shape, with some filling in taking place. You'll end up stacking some of the ornaments on top of one another to fill in gaps.

All done!

I hope this helps you make your own ornament wreath. If you need any help or have questions don't hesitate to ask!


  1. This is a cute wreath! Good for you! I want one for next Holiday season now!

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