DIY jewelry holder (how to)

2/12/2010 01:37:00 PM Ashley 9 Comments

After three days of work I can say that my earring holder is finally done! Here's a quick sneak peak before I move onto the how to (and as a refresher I posted here about starting the project)...


Earring (jewelry) holder how to (picture heavy as always):

Emmett not needed to put together display.

What you'll need:

~Picture frame (I got mine at Hobby Lobby, but you can use one you have laying around)
~Wire mesh (found at your local hardware store in the garden center)
~Paint or spray paint (for if you don't like your picture frames color, or want it to match a room)
~Fine grit sandpaper (if you are going to age the edges)
~Wire cutters (to trim wire mesh)
~Staple gun and staples (to attach mesh to frame)
~Hot glue gun (if you can't use staple gun)
~Picture hanger (if your frame doesn't already have one)
~Rubber bumpers (to protect wall)

First I started out by fitting the mesh into the frame to see where I needed to cut. I was lucky enough that the width of the mesh fit perfectly into the frame, so I only had to cut one side.

I got these tin snips at Lowes, by no means do you need something so serious, but they made cutting the wire super easy and quick. Yes that is my "Absolutely Alice" nail polish, which held up really well even with the metal cutting!

The snips made quick work of the mesh. I just cut along the line.

After I cut the mesh I set something heavy on it to help flatten it out a bit (oh yeah I rock the Joint Juice for my crap knees).

I used 1/4" staples to attach the mesh, because I knew that they were short enough not to come out the other side. If that's an issue for your frame, you can use a hot glue gun to attach the mesh to your frame.

Work your way around the whole frame while making sure the mesh is sitting flush everywhere else. Also watch your placement so that you don't splinter the wood. You may need to go back through and hammer some of the staples down.

I attached the mesh to the frame before painting because I found it easier to do, plus less touch ups on the metal which you would have if you attached later.

Start laying down your color (if you are painting it). Follow directions on the paint. I did two colors, so that when I "aged" it, the bottom color would show through.

After letting the first color dry, add on the second color. This spray paint take 24 hours to dry fully.

After letting the front dry, I decided to flip it over and paint the back, just so I could have a uniform look (Emmett is my quality control and don't worry the paint was totally dry).

Figure out which part you want on top and measure the length to find the middle of the frame. Mark spot.

Measure again, but do the width so you find the center point on the frame. Mark again.

Attach the frame hanger at the center point that you marked. My hanger actually had a dot in the center, which helped a lot for alignment.

I had these surface guards laying around from another project. They are great for use on cabinet doors. because they help keep them from slamming shut.

I attached one on each bottom corner. It will help keep the frame and paint from rubbing on the wall behind it.

Sand edges if you want your frame to have an "aged" look. If you do this, use a fine grit sandpaper. It's far easier to take paint off then it is to reapply it at this stage. Sand till you achieve the look you want. You'll also want to take a slightly damp towel to the frame to get rid of the paint dust.

At this point you are ready to hang your frame wherever you want! A few things I want to note, I used a frame that was 24x12 (inside measurements). I only attached a frame hook to the 12inch part of the frame, though I may go back and also add one to the 24inch part so that I can hang the frame either way on the wall. If you want to add a fabric back to the frame you can do that with cardboard, foam board or the backing that came with your frame (if your frame came with any). I didn't add a fabric backing to the frame, but I may do so at a later time (once we have new bedding picked out). I also chose not to add hooks to hang my necklaces on the frame, but you could easily do that.

The final product...

I hung the frame above my jewelry armoire (from Pier 1). I know it looks off center on the wall, but I decided to try to center it over the armoire itself.

A close up of the colors showing through on the frame.

This idea works best for earrings with ear wires. You could attach your normal earrings to it, but you'd have to lift the frame off the wall ever time to attach/un-attach them and that's too much work for me.

Set up with my flower jewelry display (from Pottery Barn Teen). Which holds mostly jewelry that I wear most frequently.

Here is my jewelry armoire with the lid opened up (hello sweatpants!), I always have to have the armoire away from the wall to open the top, which also keeps it from running into the frame to much.

Like I said at the beginning, I am really happy with the way that it turned out. When all was said and done I spent about $35 to make it (keep in mind that is the full price of both paints, the wall hanger and the mesh; all of which I can reuse for other projects), so really the cost of the finished project was about $20-22!

What do you think of the outcome? Are you thinking about making one? What colors would you use?

If you do end up making this or some version of it, let me know! I would love to see it!


  1. You did a fantastic job milady! And as always, Emmett is too stinking cute.

  2. Okay this was fantastic! I wish I had the space to even attempt something like this.

    I absolutely love it.

  3. Laddie: Spanks! And if you keep saying that, it's going to go to Emmett's head, but he is stinking cute!

    Anon: Thank you! If you're lacking wall space, maybe you could find a small frame (or even one that has a the stand on the back so it can sit on a table). If you're meaning space in the home to make it, you could find a frame that you don't need/want to paint. The project itself doesn't take up a lot of space (I did most of it on the floor).

  4. I think it looks awesome, I might need to go out and buy a ton of earrings so I need to make one :)

  5. You are so smart! I wold never think to do things like this. It looks really pretty with your armoire.

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    I love your ideas!! Please keep them coming!!

  8. This is amazing! I just redone my room for the first time from redoing my room after living in a house that was over 110 years for 10 years! I am a fashionista and I have TONS AND TONS of earrings!!! I googled earring holder ideas and found yours! I really like it and want to thank you for the amazing Idea!! =D Now I just need an idea for necklaces! any ideas??? -Christiana

  9. I'm so
    love this blog, already bookmarked it! Thanks.