Life: Hello's me

8/20/2012 08:00:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

Holy balls.

That pretty much sums up the last few months and my life.

Lets do a little recap shall we?

Back at the end of March (um how the heck are we in the middle of August already!?) we packed up to move.

We got to Colorado at the very beginning of April.

Our welcome gift was a broken down car less than 60 miles away from our destination.

We worked on getting settled into the house...

Only to realize that we had outgrown it in the almost 5 years we had been away. So we decided to take the leap and look for a new house.

Nate grew a beard...because it's one of the only times that he ever could. 

I colored my the tips of my hair pink...

We closed on a new, wonderful house!

We started moving into the new house....the second move in less than 3 months. 

And the house slowly started to come together.

During that time the Waldo Canyon Fire started.

A few days later and right after Nate left for a TDY, the worst of the fire happened.

After all of the fire bans were lifted we went to the local Renaissance Festival, which is a must, solely for the fact that it's a tradition to pick up a piece from the glass blower.

And then just in case life wasn't already busy for us we got another dog. A Cocker Spaniel to be exact. We named him Swarley. Emmett isn't a huge fan, but he's warming up. Slowly. And begrudgingly.

I also started making my own nail polish as well.

Along with all of this stuff, Nate was working on settling into his new job...even though he didn't actually start doing his actual job until this month.

Probably the best thing that happened, besides a new house and puppy is that I finally got to meet Cassie (as well as her husband and cute little boy) in person. After 3 years of harassing one another over the internet, through snail mail and text messages...we met. I personally could not have been more excited and look forward to many more chances to hang out. Of course we're big dorks and forgot to
take a good picture together. Guess that will have to happen on the next trip.

There was other various things that happened since April, but I will share that with you in other blog posts.

Life never seems to slow down, it only ever goes the same pace of faster. Because of this, my new current goal is to take photos whenever I can. And from there I look forward to sharing, with you, those photos and the stories that go with them.