Beauty: Zoya Gemma

4/15/2011 09:06:00 AM Ashley 2 Comments

And I'm back...with a new nail color. A few days ago I was still wearing Kieko and the color was going strong...until I decided to grate some of the color off with my lemon zester. Had I not done that I probably could have gotten another good two days out of the color, which would have brought me to about 6 days of wear. Awesome stuff right there.

Last night I let Nate pick out my new nail color and he chose one from the Intimate Spring Collection. I liked the whole collection, but was only planning on getting two of the colors. Then Zoya ran a half price promo on sampler, so of course I had to get the whole collection. All of the colors are beautiful and very wearable, but the one stand out (and one color I would have gotten no matter what) was Gemma. It's this beautiful grayed down olive green, which on it's own would be a lovely color. But Zoya had to take it one step further and add a blue/purple shimmer to it, that can only really be seen in the sun. Here's what Zoya says about it:

"Light muted olive green with an overlay of blue and violet duochrome shimmer. Unique, hip and cutting-edge yet subtle enough to suit any wardrobe."

It is such a unique color, one that has already become a favorite for me and I've only had it on my nails for a day. With the pictures I did my best to capture the blue/purple, but it wasn't easy. Just know that it's there and it's wonderful.

Natural light.

Up close, natural light (you can kind of see the shimmer in the bottle).

With flash.

Up close, with flash.

Indoor, natural light (last attempt at catching the shimmer).

I will admit that I own a lot of if you couldn't tell from my summer nail haul. And I will full heartedly say that this is probably one of the most unique colors I own. I have nothing quite like it. For the green that it is, it would seem like the purple just wouldn't work. But oh it does. I find myself trying to catch a glimpse of the color in ever light that I can.

I love it so much, that I may just have to do a giveaway with it! Yes...a giveaway. I truly believe that this color should be in everyone's collection. So yeah...I'm totally going to have to put together a giveaway just for this beauty. Keep your eyes open!

What do you think of Gemma? Is it something you'd wear? Would you like to see a giveaway done with this color?


  1. I really love it. I've not seen a color quite like it. You can put together a giveaway for it as long as I win it ;)

  2. I love the shimmer! It's a really versatile color :)