Beauty: Zoya Earth Day promo

4/20/2011 05:29:00 PM Ashley 1 Comments

You know my new found love of Zoya polishes. You know that I have been scooping up polish with every promo they have had (minus the St. Patties day one). Well now's your chance to get discounted Zoya polishes!

They are currently running a Earth Day exchange promo where you pretty much get their polish for half price when all is said and done. You do have to buy at least 6, so keep that in mind. All that they ask is that if you have un-used and unwanted polishes in your house is that you send them to Zoya (after you get your polishes from them) so that they can dispose of them properly.

So go check out their rules, pick out 6-24 of your favorite polishes, add the code, get your new pretties and then send in your old/unwanted polishes!

It's just that simple...and really you know you want to try out some of their awesome collections and colors!

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  1. I want some new nail polishes so bad. My husband would seriously kill me though. I was going through the ones I have last night (mind you, a collection not near as stunning as yours!) and found this red I've had for at least 6 years. That's me being nice! It's Red Hot by Mary Kay. I'm pretty sure I bought it in 2005. It's still just like it's brand new! It has to have some seriously bad chemicals in it to make it last that long with no separation. Holy cow. Needless to say, I have a read hot manicure going on right now!