Life: Calming snow and a resolution

1/02/2012 11:28:00 AM Ashley 1 Comments

I awoke to a light dusting of snow this morning. It's only the second time we've really gotten snow this season. Snow is one of the few things that we look forward to in our household. In fact Emmett has been perched on the back of the sofa watching the snow fall.

There's something peaceful and renewing about the snow. It makes me happy and always seems to calm my thoughts. Which is something that is always greatly appreciated and currently needed. While it is the beginning of the new year and there is so much potential, it's already a year with a lot to do. Of course, all of this brings me stress.

So here I sit with a cup of tea surrounded by holiday decor that needs to be put away, clothing that needs to washed/folded/hung, dishes to wash, organizing to be done. All while starting to prepare for another move back across the country.

But for this moment I am calm and enjoying a moment to myself. And that is good, because it's part of my New Years resolution to myself.

This year I am promising to take better care of myself. It sounds so simple, but it really encompasses so much. Some of the things are simple like having me time or just being who I want to be. Other things, though, are things I'll have to push myself to do. Things like eating better, working out more, lose weight, set up a proper evening routine, etc...

But it is worth it, because it's for me and as cheesy as it might be to say, I am worth it.

So here's to me, but also to all of you. Because this year will be our year. We will all accomplish something, anything off of our list. And we will be better for it. I hope everyone has a wonderful 2012!

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