Crafts: That dreaded rug

1/24/2012 12:53:00 PM Ashley 3 Comments

Remember that one time when I said I was going to make a rug?



Well I can't blame you as that was 8 months ago.

But it's almost done, I just have a very small handful of squares to fill. And while it didn't turn out how I wanted (I had to cut down on the size because of a lack of fabric), I can at least say I did it. And Emmett absolutely loves it and that's enough for me. I'll be posting the finished product within the week. So keep and eye out!


  1. I did actually wonder about this! I'm sure Emmett is living it up on this!

  2. You know, I was thinking about your rug the other day! I'm contemplating making one of my own, and wondered how yours was doing.

    1. It's going...and going. I could have easily been done with it a few months ago, but I needed a break from it. It's a little time consuming to say the least, but the outcome is great!