Manicure Monday: OPI DS Glamor with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

2/20/2012 07:00:00 AM Ashley 1 Comments

Today I bring you something a little extra shiny with a holo polish and a pop of flakies.

Indoor natural light

Indoor natural light

Both of these are indoor, natural light photos. You can see the flakies much better in these photos. Unlike the holo, which does not stand out at all.

With flash

With flash

With the flash on, the holo pops out and shows off all of its amazingness.

With flash, blurry

I've found that making the photo a little blurry is one of the best ways to show off a holographic polish.

Glamor was part of OPI's Designer Series which, up until recently, is their holographic packed polish line. A lot of colors from the line have been retired and are now considered to be hard to find. Glamor would be one of those colors.

Along with using Glamor, which is beyond shiny I decided to to finally give the different color ring finger look a try. For that I used Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure. Yet again another hard to find polish.

Man, I am just not helping y'all out today with purchasable polishes!

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  1. I love the holo look. Do you know of a clear holo polish to make any color in to a holo color? Also, let's see a little something on the Zoya NYFW boxes soon :)