Weight loss Wednesday: We're at a stand still

2/22/2012 08:43:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

The dreaded stand still. It happens to all of us at some point, even if we think it doesn't or we try to ignore it.

I'm currently going through one.

I haven't worked out in about a week and when I did it was awful. I've been fighting something off, so my body has just not been responding well. I keep telling myself that I am taking it easy so I don't hurt myself or get sick, but I was getting lazy before that. On top of that I am stressed out about the move and for another, very annoying, reason. Which, because I am one of those lucky people, is showing up as tension throughout my whole body.

Luckily it's really nice out today, like nice enough to get outside to run...jog...or even just walk. Really nice enough to get my butt out of this house and away from the ever growing list of things I need to do.

Have I mentioned that I hate moving? Especially when it's from a place that I like. Oh well I just need to get over it and get off my butt. I can do this.