{Decor} The rainbow tree receives an epic upgrade

12/12/2015 10:33:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

In the not so distant past I had an idea. A wild hair, if you will. It led Nate and I on a late night trip to Meijer for a white Christmas tree. I had plans. Very colorful plans. 

Five years ago an idea exploded and I had no idea it would be so popular. I took a white Christmas tree and combined it with a plethora of rainbow colored ornaments I had stockpiled away. Thus our rainbow tree was born.

Since then our tree has been posted and reposted on Pinterest and other various sites many times over. At this point the tree usually doesn't even link back to this blog. A tree lost in translation.

The good news is the tree is alive and well. Going strong so many years later. I have moments where I think maybe we'll change it up, but then I re-fall in love with the tree all over again. So every year it goes up and slowly gets decorated color by color, starting from the top. It's a decorating dance that I know well at this point.

This year though, something was set in motion to help give the rainbow tree a new breath of life. For once stores having their holiday accessories out, just as Halloween wrapped up, paid off.

On a random wandering of Target, because it's what I do as an adult, I ran into the trickling out of Christmas trees and all of their accoutrements. I did my usual wanderings to see all of the new things only to have my eye caught by a shimmering star topper that spun color onto the "ceiling" of the visual box it was displayed in. Videos were instantly taken to send to Nate. 

Yes...that video was sent to Nate instantly. Along with pleading. And whining. Really anything I could throw at him to somehow make that tree topper come home to live with us. All that was needed was another trip back to Target, this time with Nate it tow, to show off the the tree topper of epic-ness in person. Also known as the Lit LED Projection Star Topper. My name for it is so much better.

Let's just say that this topper sat in it's box taunting me for almost a month as we finally finished getting our house put back together from the summer basement flood. Which is another long story for another time. As we scrambled to get the last bits and pieces of a destroyed house put back into proper places, so that we could enjoy Thanksgiving with friends, the white tree may have found it's way into the house. Before Thanksgiving. GASP. And while not yet decorated, the topper may have also found its way to the top of the tree.

About a week later the ornaments found their way onto the tree. 


To say that I'm still smitten with the tree is a total understatement. And now with this amazing topper? Stick a fork in me, I'm done. If you need me you can find me laying on our sofa next to the tree just staring at it in wonderment.

I mean, just watch this video and tell me how you can't absolutely love this tree!?