The Thing About Daisies reawakens

12/07/2015 10:56:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

It's been months since giving this blog a much needed, clean facelift.

It's been over a year since the last time I posted anything here.

It's been over 6 years since I first had a wild hair to create a personal lifestyle blog.

So why come back now?

I could write out a beautifully long story about life being crazy and having huge amounts of self-doubt and being too busy and losing the love for blogging. 

Instead though, I will simply say...

I missed it.

For months I have racked through my brain about what I want to do to revive this blog. What I want to share. It always comes back to keeping it the way that it was. A place for me to share whatever strikes my fancy, but with a little more structure.

Reviews will still happen. Sharing craft ideas are a must. Random musing of life are always interesting (at least to me). There's my desperate love of all things fashion and beauty related. With some home decor thrown in. Food and drink, can't forget about that, be it making it or just simply eating/drinking it. Totally need to share things I currently love and things I currently would love to have, we can all dream and drool together right? And to round it out, nail polish, because it is my life and day job.

To get back into the flow of things I am going to start with three main, weekly cycling, posts to get content rolling. So keep an eye out on Mondays for Manic Mani Monday, where I will share my favorite current polish. Wednesdays will see Wordless Wednesday, which is just sharing a wordless photo. Fridays will see Friday Favorites, where I will share either something that is currently a favorite thing I own/use or a favorite thing I have been lusting over. From there I'll add on various posts as I get the content up and ready for them to go live!

So welcome to those who are new to this journey with me and welcome back to anyone who may have stuck it out throughout the years. 

Let's get this blog re-blogified! Also apologies about so many blog posts with broken photos. It's on my to-do list for fixing.

My parting gift is this random photo of holographic snowflake decor: