Beaded vintage beauty

9/24/2010 07:20:00 AM Ashley 2 Comments

I'm back...with vintage! Hopefully I'm not boring you all with the vintage yet.

Today's 1950's dress is one that I found at a local vintage/costume shop while living in Albuquerque. It was a dress I tried to try on and even if I had been skinnier, it still would have been a pain to get on. I love it though. Probably because it is totally beaded. As in, other than the organza mermaid skirt at the bottom, it is fully covered in sequins. Not only is it fully covered in sequins and beads, but the bead work is done in shapes of flowers and butterflies! Then there is the crazy fact that the shell is 100% wool. I can't say I have ever seen a beaded dress that was wool, so this dress has so major weight to it.


I kept eying it. Then the price dropped. There were some spots that were missing some beads, the color beads had faded slightly and the skirt could use a good cleaning, but damnit I loved the thing. So home it went with me. This dress is the truest form of wiggle dress. You do not talk long strides in it when you walk. In fact perhaps you just stand and let people come to you!



Organza skirt

Close up of front

Close up of some of the flowers

Inside of dress showing the colored thread used for the flowers and butterflies

That's right, take all of that in! Go back and look at the pictures again, you know you want to.

While this dress may be one I never get into, I love it. Though I will keep trying to get into it. I would love to know how the original owner got into it. Perhaps she had a lot of help.


  1. Ok- I just love this dress! I just bought a long sleeve beaded vintage dress that I am yet to wear- just waiting for the perfect occasion!

  2. Holy completely gorgeous! I LOVE it.