A very merry birthday to me!

9/19/2010 12:37:00 PM Ashley 2 Comments

My birthday was over a week ago and I still haven't done the gift post. Can anyone say unusually busy? Seriously, I've had more to do here than for the past three years combined. And I am loving every minute of it!

Now onto my birthday...

While I don't always have a busy or sometimes even good birthday, Nate always does an amazing job with finding the perfect gift. Last year he got me an awesome telescope so we can look at the stars. It was a great gift (even if it was a gift for both of us), but this year he really outdid himself!

Lets let the pictures do the talking...

A cake from our new favorite bakery! They may decorate the cake with old school flowers, but the cake and icing are drool worthy!

Yep he totally got it for me! The Ikea light I have been drooling over. We're going to convert it into a light that can be plugged in so we can use it over a table that needs light. So excited!

The smaller book is a book that my mom use to read me at bedtime. It's really hard to find, yet Nate found it!

Vibram Five Fingers! Nate's had a pair and he loves them. I had been iffy about them, but then I started working out and am beyond excited to try them out in the gym. Hopefully no more feet falling asleep!

And the best gift of all! A bouncy ball machine! Which comes with a long story...

Which I'll share now!

I have a thing about smells. I guess you could say I am very smell driven. I notice how things smell and bouncy balls were one of them. I would constantly pester my mom for quarters so I could get a new bouncy ball. To smell.

The biggest memory I have is when I figured out that a machine was broken (I was about 10) and dispensed the balls without a quarter. Well I wiped that machine out and hid away all of the balls in my t-shirt. You know the kind from the 90's...big shirts tucked into your pants. So here I was jiggling around with a shirt full of bouncy balls and my nose stuck down the neck so I could smell them. Not my proudest moment, but man did it smell good!

Flash forward to 4 years ago when I met Nate. He learned about this little quirk of mine and has fed it ever since. Now...because of him I have my very own bouncy ball dispenser where I can get that yummy bouncy ball smell whenever I so desire!

So there is my birthday roundup with the love store between me and all things round and bouncy!


  1. what a funny story about the bouncy balls! happy birthday!!!:)

  2. I have that teddy bear that goes with that book! I need to dig him out.