A quick trip to Target...

9/05/2010 06:18:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

...last night left me with two plates from the new John Derian for Target collection.

Water Lily Square Tray

Water Lily Serving Tray

Now the prices were actually cheaper at the store I went to. The serving tray was $9.99 and the square tray was $14.99, so if you can find them in store I'd buy them there.

I'll be going back later to see if they put out any more of his stuff seeing as today is the actual release date. I'm a bit worried though, because the plates I want are listed as an online only items. I'm hoping that means that they are selling them as sets online, but that maybe they are selling them by the piece in store. Here's hoping!

I hope you find everything you want from the John Derian line if you have been eying it like I have!