Keeping my VIB status

11/08/2010 08:35:00 PM Ashley 1 Comments

I got an email from Sephora the other day saying that I was almost at the point of getting my VIB status renewed for next year. When I discovered that I only had to spend $27 dollars, I rushed to my nearest store and shopped.

The shopped some more.

Folks, I was stumped. There was nothing I needed and for once I wasn't caught up in the "buy it just to get it" mindset that I sometimes get stuck in.

I flopped back and forth on Buxom's "Stay-there" eyeshadow. I had gotten it in Pug and fell in love with it, so I was thinking about trying Mutt. Then the logical side of me kicked in and said that I already have too many eye shadows.

I hate that side of me.

Luckily I noticed that they had in their new holiday nail polishes, so off I went to put back Mutt and come back to grab "What's Your Point-settia" and "212-Sephora"

What's Your Point-settia


Of course I am very happy about these colors, but I am even more happy to be keeping my VIB. As always, as soon as I get them on my nails I will try to post about them.

Are there any nail holiday nail colors that you have been eying?

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