The nut wreath how-to

11/15/2010 06:34:00 PM Ashley 2 Comments

I wanted to share my how-to on making a nut wreath. Now while Martha Stewart makes one of her own, sometimes it's nice to see more pictures. All while knowing that anyone can actually make something of hers and have it come out right (ie the tissue paper puff disaster).

This is a wreath I wanted to make for fall, but the dang nuts in the shell don't come out till later in the fall season. Oh well, at least I'll have it for next year.


What you'll need:

~Mixed nuts (in shell)*
~MDF wreath form
~Hot glue gun
~Strip of ribbon
~Spray on clear coat (optional)

*For the 6" wreath form I used about a one pound of nuts.


Start placing and hot gluing the nuts onto the form. I started with the larger nuts (walnuts and Brazil nuts) and then filled in with the smaller nuts (pecans, almonds and hazelnuts).


Glue nuts to base form and to each other for a secure hold.


Get distracted and take "artsy" picture of table cloth.


Start filling in. Be sure to look at it from all angles to make sure you don't have any open/empty spots.


All done! At this point you can spray on a clear coat, which I'm hopping will help keep the nuts from rotting and also deterring those damn squirrels. If you do this, wait till the clear coat is dry and then glue the ribbon on the back to create a loop (so you can hang it).


I hope to have a second wreath done in a day or two so I can have the whole thing put together and hanging. As soon as I do that I will post pictures.

In the mean time, give this a try. It's really quite simple! If you do make one, let me know how it goes!


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