A wonderful gift

11/16/2010 08:32:00 PM Ashley 2 Comments

I love blogging, it's a creative outlet for me. I get to ramble on about things I like and/or have an interest in and in turn I gain amazing followers/readers. On top of that I have been lucky enough to cross paths with some other amazing bloggers. One such blogger is Cassie over at Understated.

Honestly, I can't exactly remember how I found her blog, but I am glad I did. I am constantly drooling over the things she cooks and have sworn that I will move in with her if she feeds me. Then there is her newest project...crocheting. It's been wonderful seeing her items as she finishes them and I can hardly wait to hear how she did at her first craft fair!

Not to sound creepy, but she has become my blogging BFF. And dang it, if she lived close by we would be friends in real life as well!

Even though we live pretty much across the country from one another, we are finding ways to stay connected. Recently I opened my door to a package!



Yes it's that exciting, I mean who doesn't love getting packages in the mail!? And inside that package was...another package!


This is getting fun!


Even better is the sweet card and wrapped items that were tied off with yarn. It's just a box of happy!

After gleefully unwrapping everything (seriously I squealed a lot) and placing items or trying them on...I remembered to snap a few more pictures.


In the box was three different candle sticks that were painted a glossy black.


They quickly found their home on top of one of our wall shelves. Which is perfect by the way, because I needed something for the very top.


Then there were the warm goodies and paper goodies. The warm goodies are a hand made scarf (um hello perfect for living in Ohio!) and two coffee cup cozies (one of which lives in my purse just in case I get coffee while out and about). And last, but not least was a pack of tiny notepads from A Little Bird Told Me, which are so perfect to carry around in my purse!

Honestly, it was such a wonderful and thoughtful gift and I am truly lucky to have "met" her. It's a constant reminder that this blogging world can be wonderful and rewarding. Plus, I am super excited about putting a gift together for her. I have a few things all ready to go, I just need to box them up and ship them out!

And seriously, go check her blog out and drool over her yummy recipes!


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