Weight Loss: My new equipment conquer

1/24/2011 06:30:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

I have had an enemy at the gym. And while I may have slightly won the battle today, I have no doubt that it will try to defeat me every chance it has.

I first noticed this exercise machine at both of the gyms on base. I was and have continued to be proud of myself for keeping up with swimming 3 times a week (or less based on the amount of snow on the ground), as well as working in the elliptical on non swimming days. But this machine taunted me. It looked easy enough...or so those really in shape 50-60 year olds led me to believe. They moved and glided on this thing, making it look fun. Oh but it wasn't. Then there was the name. I mean, how can something called the "Wave" be un-fun?

The fact that the small number of machines sat off to the side, like a group of forlorn middle school girls at a dance, should have told me something. Did that stop me!? NO!

I climbed onto the Cardio Wave and just about popped a blood vessel. I wasn't even 30 seconds in and the display blinked mockingly at me...telling me I needed to try harder. Not being one who likes being told what to do, I got off and called it a day. I told myself I would come back to it when I was stronger.


So what is the Wave? Some of you might be asking. Well...

The best way I can describe it is by comparing it to cross country skiing or skating (mostly speed skating). You stand on the foot pedals and push down and out to the side with one leg and then the other. Lets just say that your butt and thighs really feel it. Really.

It doesn't seem that hard until you're on it. Then you feel slightly dumb for not being able to properly work a machine. It may have also helped to have known that the higher the number (level) you pick...the easier it is. Keep that in mind if you ever come across one of these.

So after months of not touching another Cardio Wave, I dumbly decided to give it another go today. Now keep in mind that I had already done 2 miles on an elliptical (that's a lot for lil' old me).

I fought...and possibly grunted (I had headphones on) through one minute on level 1...aka the hardest level. Then was informed by a nice old man, that the higher the level the easier it is.


As I upped the level, my knees stopped screaming as much. Then they started screaming again, because damn is that motion a lower body killer. A whopping 15 minutes and 3 miles later, I just about fell off of the machine as I was trying to dismount it. It's hard to look cool and proud when you almost face plant into the cardio machine next to you. I gathered myself and, what I now loving call the Wave stumble, stumbled myself off to the locker room.

I'm proud of myself for getting trying out the Wave again. I can tell already that it is going to be a love hate relationship. With me mostly hating how much pain it has cause me. But it's good pain, or that's what I say to myself. So if you ever see one of these beasts at your gym, give it a try, even if it's just a for a minute.

And don't forget...the higher the number/level, the easier it is!