Beauty: The never ending salon search

1/26/2011 01:48:00 PM Ashley 9 Comments

I got my hair cut today. It's been a long six months since I stepped foot into a salon. I've talked about my salon issues here and here, in case you were wondering. And I've also talked about how I do know better than to wait six months...or a year to get my hair done.

Here's the issue. I hate, no make that loathe, trying to find a salon and stylist that I like. It's like dating to me. It's tedious. I mean, you have to trust them to not only cut/style your hair well, but you have to connect with them. You are, after all, spending anywhere from one to 3 hours there.

So after putting off my search for a new salon here in Ohio, Nate was nice enough to purchase a Groupon for a salon offer. After he got it for me, it took me 4 months to use it. Which got me to thinking, what is going on with me!? I use to love getting my hair cut and colored. In fact I giddily looked forward to it. I love playing with cut and color as I have never been one who is that attached to my hair (it does grow back after all). What happened?

Well a few things...first is that I moved away from Colorado, where I had an amazing stylist. Then I went through many issues with different places in Albuquerque. Then I found a new perfect stylist in Denver, CO. Slight issue with that...I am nowhere close to Colorado now.

Major sad face.

I've just gotten use to lack luster salons and boring stylists. So my love of all things hair has...well gone frizzy.

What is it that I want you might ask? Well I want a stylist that knows what she is doing. My stylist annoyed me today because she asked me too many questions without giving back much feedback. She never really talked about what she wanted to do, or why she was doing it. I want the stylist to listen to what I want, but also give me ideas. If they aren't inspired then I am definitely not going to be inspired. If I say that I like to play with hair and that I'm not overly attached...get excited that you have someone you can play with. Also...if it's a slow day, do not all stand around and talk. Especially if you are my stylist.

Also, I want the salon to feel like a get away. I know you can find great salons in strip malls, but come on...make it feel less like one. I want to go somewhere that I can relax and get away from myself. I want to walk into a place and know, just from how it looks, that I am in a creative environment.

I will say that my haircut wasn't awful, but I didn't leave excited or invigorated. Though I honestly I haven't felt that way for a long time. Which is sad, because I need a mood changing hair cut badly. I was ready to chop off a few good inches, but quickly realized that today's salon was not to place to do it.

All this means is that I have to search more. Bleh. But I'll do it, because I need a fun change, be it the length of my hair or the color.

And so my post isn't totally boring, here are some of my favorite cuts and colors that I have had over the years...

Bamboo background
I keep debating about going back to this color and length, but I just don't know. Thoughts?


Still me

This was the last professional color I got. It was amazing and fun because of the chunky copper highlights. I also had blunt bangs with this as well.


So, my readers I leave you have you pulled yourself out of your hair blahs? Any tips for finding a good salon? Is there is a hair cut amongst these pictures that you like and think I should do again?


  1. My favorite stylist EVER is in Chicago if you want to go that far :) Otherwise, I did find someone who did a nice job with my cut, though I haven't used her for a color yet. Let me know if you want her info

  2. You MUST go back to that red in the second to last photo... reds are tough but totally worth it!

  3. Hi! This is the blogger from Deconstructed Life. I stopped writing at Deconstructed Life and am now writing at I Try Stuff On (So You Don't Have To) at and was hoping you could update my change in your blog links section in your sidebar. I still have to create my own Blog Link list (in the next week or two) but I will definitely be putting you on it! Thank you!

  4. I haaaate going to get my hair cut. I swear I have never gone to the same place twice. Seriously how hard is it to mess up long layers with side swept bangs? I am the type that does not want to talk while getting a cut. Dont ask me what I do, or where I live, am I married, do I have kids. Nosey people! It's my quiet time, now let me be! Ok, done ranting. I looove the last two hair photos.

  5. All I read was...blah blah blah "you'll follow me to Colorado". ;)

    Kidding! It shouldn't be that hard to find a stylist! Even when I do move back to Colorado, I'll be driving an hour just to see the stylist that I love. Sigh.

  6. If I get desperate enough I may just go to Chicago! I may have to get your girls info.

  7. I love that red! The crazy thing is is that photo was taken close to 6 months after I'd had my hair colored! My stylist did an amazing job, because I have never had red last that long and look that good.

  8. I got you all switched out! Thanks for letting me know!

  9. It's sometimes too simple to mess up hair. Which sucks. I don't like talking to my stylist unless I have known them for awhile and we're "friends". I'm just a firm believer, that if you're going to talk to me, have something meaningful to say. Or be quiet. So I totally get where you are coming from!