Crafts: Making a rug

5/19/2011 07:33:00 PM Ashley 2 Comments

Since I joined Pinterest, I have found many new things that I love and want to try. I've also re-found some things that I had wanted to try, but simply forgot about.

One of those things was the t-shirt latch hook run tutorial over at Xoelle. I loved how her rug turned out and I stored away the idea in the back of my head. Then I forgot. But Pinterest reminded me about the run, when it popped up in a feed. My mind raced as I set my mind to making my own rug. I even told Nate about it...and he thought it was cool. That was all I needed.

We went to our local Goodwill Outlet and looked for shirts...but apparently the store felt they were worth $1.50 each. But that's okay, because we didn't leave totally empty handed.

After thinking about it, Nate and I decided that using jersey bed sheets would work just as well. Plus Target sells a set from their RE line for $25. So I grabbed a king sized sheet set and all of the other things I needed and I set off on my project. While I could have kept looking for t-shirts so that I could have dyed the rug the exact color I wanted, I like working with the sheets, because I don't have to deal with dye.


So far the the most annoying part of doing this is cutting the strips. I feel like it's the longest part of the process. Luckily, Nate is more than willing to help. So while he cuts, I can get to latching.

Starts of rug

It's going to take awhile...and I have moments where I feel that I have totally lost my mind for doing this. Then I touch the patch I have done and I just can't wait to bury my toes in a rug that I made.



Of course after I started with the yellow, Nate and I both decided that we wanted to add in another color. So we decided to add in a dark gray.

It may take awhile to finish this, but I promise to post occasionally about how it's going. I'm really excited to finish this...I mean I'll get to say that I made a rug. Yeah, that's pretty awesome.


  1.  Awesome idea! However, I'll leave the actual project to you. This looks like something that would overwhelm me to the point of tears. So I'll just admire yours :)

  2. Cant wait to see the finished result! If I only had the time for such a lovely project :)