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3/02/2012 08:54:00 AM Ashley 1 Comments

Sooner or later Nate is going to learn that I should not be left alone in the beauty aisle of a grocery store, as I am bound to find another nail polish (or twelve) to add to my collection. Or maybe he doesn't care as he gets to see me when I get excited over finding something super pretty and sparkly. As was the case two nights ago.

I have been looking for the China Glaze Prismatic line for awhile now, and while I see everyone posting about them I just can't find them. I was about to give up and just buy them online when I turned the corner at the grocery store and saw a display staring back at me.

(Pretend like the display is full as that's how I found it)

Wet n Wild seems to have a new Color Icon polish line out called Be Jeweled. There are 5 beauties that look oddly similar to the Prismatic line. Granted I have only seen pictures of the Prismatic colors. At $2.99 a pop I grabbed up all 5 and came home to do some research.

(Names L-R: Speak When Spoken To/The Crown is Mine/Jewels for Your Highness/Born Into Privilege/Bow in my Presence)

The thing is this line is nowhere to be found on the internet. Nowhere. I even went on to the Wet n Wild website and found nothing. The Be Jeweled line is pretty much non existent. Seeing as I couldn't find anything on the line, I couldn't find out if they are China Glaze dupes. I posted on a forum asking Prismatic owners what they thought and it seems as though they look like dupes to them. The only major difference that we're seeing is that the Prismatic line has 6 polishes and the Be Jeweled line only has 5.

So somehow I found this mysterious collection that seems to not exist. So odd. But I'll take it. I'm still hoping to somehow find my way into owning the China Glaze Prismatic line. If for some reason that happens I'll definitely do a comparison.

I honestly can't tell you where to find this other than wherever sells Wet n Wild products. I found mine at my local Meijer. I stopped by Walgreens and found nothing. So this was either a very early, acidental release or it's very limited release. I just don't know.

Check back on Monday as I'll be posting swatches of them! But to hold you over here's a sneak peak of "Speak When Spoken To".


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  1. Perhaps it exists only for Ashley Sorensen?