Manicure Monday: Wet n Wild Be Jeweled swatches

3/05/2012 11:08:00 AM Ashley 2 Comments

I'm back, as promised with swatches of the Wet n Wild Be Jeweled line that I found at my local grocery store.

I swatched each color twice. The first of the two colors is just two coats of the polish and the second is two coats of the polish over Zoya Trixie, which is a silver.

(L-R) The Crown is Mine/Bow in my Presence/Speak When Spoken To/Jewels For Your Highness/Born Into Privilege

Direct sunlight

Direct sunlight

Natural sunlight

Natural sunlight with flash

These colors are duochrome, meaning that they flash two (sometimes more) different colors depending on the light.

With flash (The Crown is Mine and Bow in my Presence)

With Flash (Speak When Spoken To and Jewels For Your Highness)

With Flash (Born Into Privilege)

These were not easy to capture the color on. My camera went after the shimmer more than the color. So here's a rundown of the colors:

~The Crown is Mine (pinkish purple with what might be a gold flash of color)

~Bow in my Presence (blue with flashes of pink)

~Speak When Spoken To (blue with flashes of a light purple)

~Jewels For Your Highness (pink with what looks like a possible orange/copper flash of color)

~Born Into Privilege (green with hints of gold and pink)

I'm still not sure when or where you are going to be able to buy these. So I'd say check anywhere that sells Wet n Wild polish.


  1. Check out all that sparkle! If you're not careful, glitter polish will take over your house along with the mad scientists ;)

  2. I found these at RiteAid in NH this weekend. I was tempted, but actually went for a bottle of SinfulColors in I Miss You instead. I've already gotten tons of compliments on it - I'm madly in love with the glitter.