Life: That whole moving thing...

3/08/2012 11:37:00 AM Ashley 3 Comments


...Yep it's happening! That's what our bedroom currently looks like. Yes we are living the glamorous life of college students at almost 30 years of age (no offense to college students). Once upon a 2 days ago our bedroom looked a lot like this...


We had a love hate relationship when it came to our furniture. We loved how it looked and the quality was great. But the furniture was huge and it barely fit into our current bedroom and will not fit nicely into the home we're moving into, unless we want to crawl over the bed to get to things. The dresser itself was massive, but had awful storage. That's what happens when the drawers are made from solid 1 inch thick slabs of wood. The drawers also didn't pull out very far so you were stuck with shoving your hand to the back and hoping you found what you wanted. The furniture worked perfectly in the large bedroom we had in our last home. Yet for some reason we never took into consideration that we would move and most likely end up in a smaller bedroom. I think that was me trying to ignore the fact that the military moves us about every 3 years...

So after much deliberation we decided that we should sell our master bedroom furniture. It wasn't an easy choice and I almost changed my mind last night...after we had taken it all apart and moved it downstairs. Which wasn't easy mind you. At 10pm we ran through our likes and dislikes all over again. We looked at some furniture ideas and I calmed down. We wanted this change and it's good for us. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal and it really isn't in the larger scheme of things, but it's something we just needed to do.

Though currently we'll be living with a mattress on the floor. For 3 weeks. Let the good time and packing roll...


  1. Ugh, my father was in the air force so we were always moving.  I like change, but every few years is a little TOO much for my liking.  Of course, that mean that after about 5-6 years living somewhere now, I feel the NEED to move!  :D  

    1. We've only been here for 18 months, which is just long enough for us to be totally settled in and to have found all of our favorite places. I'm not a fan. Though maybe I'll miss it when we're done!

  2. Moving does suck! Never go for a 3rd floor apartment either. haha I learned that the hard way. I guess this way you will really figure out what places you love to live.