Photo A Day May: Grass, Love and What You're Reading

5/16/2012 10:43:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

The grass is finally greening up here, which is so mind blowing to me. Here it is the middle of May and when we left Ohio in March Nate had already had to mow the lawn. This grass is right by the community mail box and every time I get our mail I just want to kick off my shoes and squish my toes in it. 

Love is something that Nate always makes sure that I feel. Sometimes it's as simple as stopping to hug me and say I love you. Other times it's a beautiful bouquet of some of my favorite flowers. These beauties were given to me yesterday. 

Domino is back! I picked up a copy last night and have been scouring it for decorating ideas. I already have at least 5 pages earmarked.