Photo A Day May: Playing catch up

5/24/2012 10:21:00 AM Ashley 2 Comments

Well so much for keeping up with a daily photo post. Seeing as my last post for Photo A Day was for the 18th (Something You Made), that means that I have missed 5 photos (including todays). So lets get on this!

A favorite place

My craft room/area is always a favorite place of mine. I can always go there and just get lost in a project.

Something You Can't Live Without 

At first I was totally going to do a photo of Nate and Emmett, but that seems really obvious. Instead I give you this guy. His name is Puppy and he was a gift from my mom years and years ago. She give him to me when I was having a rough time in school with being harassed and made fun of. Ever since then he has always been with me and I can't even begin to imagine not having him around.

Where You Stand

I've been spending the last few days planting our herbs on our front porch. This is what I look out to.


I was actually excited to see pink as one of the pictures because I had the perfect thing for newly tipped pink hair! All I can say is...LOVING IT!


5 years ago I got to watch Nate graduate and as they threw their hats up in the air the Thunderbirds flew over. 5 years later Nate is back to teach and we got to watch those same Thunderbirds fly over for the graduating 2012 class. Watching them fly is simply amazing and the technology that goes into making those birds fly is nothing short of astounding for me.

Something New

New shoes, full of the perfect amount of rhinestones!


  1. The "where you stand" photo nearly brought tears to my eyes- HOME!!! I hope it's feeling comfortable for you.
    LOVE the pink! So fun for summersummer time!

  2. ooh I love those shoes!! and your hair looks super cute!!