And then there was none

7/24/2010 06:47:00 PM Ashley 1 Comments

As of Thursday afternoon we were living in a very very empty house. The emptiness wasn't as crazy to us and the echo-y madness was. With all wood and tile floors and a sudden a lack of area rugs, you could hear everything.


We ended up getting great packers and a great truck driver as well, so we feel really lucky for how everything has worked out thus far. Especially with the horror stories we've heard.




We had planned to stay in the house for three nights and just use an air mattress, but after two less than ideal nights, we decided to stay the night in a hotel. Pretty much a decent night sleep, breakfast made for us and being right on the interstate and ready to hit the road in the morning!

It's hard to believe that the move/road trip is finally here. It felts like yesterday I was starting all of my research on moving and Ohio. I'm so very excited for this next chapter in our lives!

Oh and because we are traveling with Emmett, I figured I'd do little reviews on the hotels we're staying at and how dog friendly they really are. I'll try to update the day after we stay at the hotel, as long as the hotel has internet for us to connect to. So keep your eye out for that!

I hope you all join us for this adventure, cause I know I'll be blogging about it!

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  1. Good luck during your move. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

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