One last craft before the move (and a DIY)

7/02/2010 07:14:00 PM Ashley 4 Comments


It had to happen. I was putting it off for too long. If I didn't start organizing now...I would have to deal with it after the move. So today I set off packing and organizing my craft area and when I say craft area I mean the dinning room table that got taken over with my projects.

It was hard...because I have a hankering for some good crafting, but with 3 weeks left before the move that really isn't an option. was.

I had a wreath that I had started a few months back, but I had to take it apart because the spacing was off. My option was to toss it all in a box and deal with it later, or make it and pack it with the other wreaths.

15 minutes later I finally had my finished wreath!


I had seen this style of wreath on Crate and Barrel (no longer on-line) in red Hydrangeas, but if I remember correctly it was $60. Pass. So off I went to the craft store and bought silk Hydrangeas for 50% off.



I pulled the heads off the the stems and hot glued any parts that that were lose.



I then wrapped wire through the flower head and twisted it onto the metal frame. I cut off any extra wire and hot glued the wire tail onto the metal frame (for added security).




A simple and quick wreath, for far less than $60. If you wanted to could add a feather butterfly to the wreath (or whatever else), but I like how simple it is.

Because all of my craft stuff is now organized and slightly packed, this will probably be my last project/how-to for awhile. But don't you worry...we're moving onto another house that will need its own wreaths and crafty goodness. So keep reading!


  1. That's really cute. I should stop reading all blogs until my bedroom is done, because if I keep coming up with projects, I dont' think I'll have room for my bed.

  2. You may want to try these with dried hydrangeas. My dad makes the wreaths this way and it lends a very real "antique-y" feel to it.

  3. I love these!! Oh man. Maybe someday I will try them, once I get over the fear of screwing them up.

  4. I love your hydrangea wreath. Turned out perfect! I have a couple of matching blue hydrangea wreaths on my front doors but I didn't make them. Went the cheap, lazy route and bought them at WalMart. Aren't you excited to hang your wreath on your new front door???