Day 2 and hotel stays

7/26/2010 07:49:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

Yesterday was a long day. It all started with the fear that we might actually have to drive both cars instead of towing one behind the other. After a freak out and a trip to a U-Haul, we were able to get the Versa up onto the dolly. Then were were off.

Ten plus hours of driving and we got to Oklahoma City, OK. Seriously...the roads on the interstate in the city were awful. We bumped and jerked our way into the parking lot and by that time I was done for the night. We fell into the Sheraton in Midwest City. The woman at the front desk wasn't friendly and made me feel rushed as I filled out a questionnaire about Emmett.




The room was an odd mix of old and new. The room felt, meh with random hi-tech items thrown in. There was also a $6 internet fee which I find laughable when the cheaper places offer free internet. There wasn't a pet fee which was great, but by no means did they do anything to welcome your pet.

All in all, it might be a place we stayed again, if we had to. Though for being pet friendly...I'd like to see more friendliness.

Today we ended up driving from Oklahoma City, OK to North Little Rock, AR. We went for a Comfort Inn here, because it is close to the interstate. It's a good basic hotel and has a low $25 one time pet fee. pictures, but really this hotel is not that exciting.

Tomorrow we are off to Birmingham, AL. Which I am really excited for because we are staying a what is supposed to be a very pet friendly hotel and it puts us one day out from seeing a good friend of ours!

All in all I already hate sitting in a car, but am excited about where all of this driving will be taking us!

Hope everyone else had a great start to their week!