Living out of boxes

7/21/2010 09:04:00 PM Ashley 3 Comments

Well the move is finally, really, truly upon us.

Holy crap balls.

Today was day two of the packers being here. Luckily we lucked out with three very nice and helpful packers. I never once felt like I was going to freak out and cry. Which is great, because I already did the freak out/cry Monday night. That was not a pretty night.

Now we live amongst boxes. Lots and lots of boxes...

Our breakfast area with kitchen to the right.

Master closet (can I say how much I love wardrobe boxes? LOVE!)

Office/second guest bedroom/craftroom

Guest bedroom.

Dining room.

Kitchen...with the husband heating up a molten cake. Mmmmmm.

Currently we are sitting and watching 30 Rock on my husband's laptop, which is sitting on top of a box. Big pimpin' people, big pimpin'.

Tomorrow we have yet another day of craziness, but this time it's in the form of everything being loaded into a truck and hulled away. Then the really fun living starts, can we say air mattress?



  1. Gah! I hate moooving. Seeing your boxes reminds me of that. Hopefully everything goes smothly :)

  2. Holy boxes Batman! I was thinking about you yesterday and realized I hadn't "talked" to you in a while. I'm hoping your move goes well. I still wish you were moving to Washington though ;)

  3. Hmm, maybe I should have logged in so you knew who I was!