Holidays cards (Shutterfly teams up with bloggers)

12/13/2010 02:49:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

Honestly we're not holiday card people. I get lazy and forgetful about sending them out on time. Then there is also the issue of not having many people to send them to. No matter, I always promise myself that "this year will be different". This year though...maybe it will be different. I was very lucky to catch the very tail end of Shutterfly's Holiday Card Promotion and with how easy it is to put together a card, I might just get one sent out to all 3 people I know!

Of course I had to look through all of their designs and was pretty much halted in my process as I figured out that they have so many holiday themes to choose from! So much for making my life simple! Here are a few that I am smitten with...

Now I just have to pick a design and a photo. The photo could be an issue seeing as we haven't taken one together in awhile. Can we just put an Emmett photo on there and call it good?

Still needing a holiday card? Or maybe you need something else like a baby announcement or a birthday invitation? Then go check out all of the different things they have to offer!

Have fun making your cards, I know I will!