My Cold Hands, Warm Hearts goodies!

12/07/2010 09:30:00 AM Ashley 11 Comments

I was lucky enough to get to participate in Cold Hands, Warm Hearts; hosted by Sandy Al Mode and much love, illy. Pretty much they paired us up with another blogger, which then lead to the fun part...

sending them goodies!

One of the things had to be gloves, but past that it was fair game.

I got paired up with the lovely Meg at Tripping Over Joy. She just may be my crafting soulmate. She did make embroidery hoop wall art after all (and we all know how much I loved making my version). So when I got my package in the mail yesterday I just about jumped out of my skin. Though it probably didn't help that I had a friend over who was just as excited about the package as I was! I mean I didn't even get any pictures of the box before I ripped into it!

Of course the goodies were amazing! I mean...she got me the gloves that I was looking at for myself when I went to pick out her gloves! And um...I'm totally smitten with her handwriting. It's beyond adorable and I am slightly jealous.


The goodies I got:
~ Yellow fold back mittens (which I have been wanting/loving)
~ Orbit Maui Melon Mint gum
~ Peppermint tea
~ I "heart" NY mug (just one step closer to getting to NY!)
~ Max and the City chocolate covered nuts
~ Sequin headband *swoon*
~ Organizer/planner (I actually love giving these as gifts also!)

I am just in love with everything I got and am truly happy to have "met" Meg. I hope we continue to keep in contact and maybe...just maybe we can send occasional gifts to one another!


  1. loooooove the yellow mittens and all the other goodies you received!!! thank yo u soo much for participating in the swap!! :D

  2. Piper @ reviving remnantsDecember 7, 2010 at 11:06 AM

    Colorful, fun gift!! You lucky gal! I'm a sucker for planners.

  3. Cool variety of goodies in there! Very cute gloves :D

  4. What an adorable package! Nice stuff. :)


    (A fellow CHW<3 participant.)

  5. I looove reading all the posts for this swap!

  6. Ooo those mittens are a fabulous color!! Looks like you got a great package! Wasn't this exchange fun? I'm finding the posts and meeting new bloggers even more fun!!

    Your fellow CHWH participant,


  7. i love the gloves, and i totally agree with you on the sequin headband! nice meeting you! xo, carla

  8. Love your new YELLOW gloves!
    So nice to meet you-
    Found you via the Link Party- Here is my swap post-

  9. Awesome package!! I love the gloves specially, I now want to get my own :)

    Sofia, fellow CHWH swapper

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  11. Peppermint tea is SUPER DELICIOUS! I love your package!! :)

    - Fellow CHWH participant
    Michelle of