A look back at my 2010

12/28/2010 09:57:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

It has been a year. And a crazy one at that!

It was a year that started off shaky, but quickly turned into our wild ride to where we are now and I couldn't be happier.

So won't you join me as we (or mostly I) take a look back on my year of packing, moving,traveling, crafting, decorating and just plain insanity?

In February we made a trip to Colorado (our last before the move). Well actually Nate went to Colorado on TDY and Emmett and I tagged along.


Also on this trip, Nate went back to the Air Force Academy to interview for a teaching position. Then we waited....with our fingers crossed.


Late March is when we discovered that our lovable Emmett had Bilateral Hip Dysplasia. Insert major sad face and $$$$$$. Who knew that dog hips cost $5000?


April saw a lot of short TDYs for Nate, me working on weight loss and preparing for a PCS across the country.


By May, our PCS was in full swing. With lots of planning, organizing and panicking/meltdowns. Mostly done by me, because it's what I do best. I took May to organize and catalog things...like my shoe collection.


June saw more prepping for moving as well as buying a sofa...right before we moved...because we're super smart.


By July we were beyond ready to get the heck out of Albuquerque and never look back. The good thing is that this is when we were packed up. Bad thing is...this is when we were packed up.

Where we went from this...


To this...


And finally to this...


Which meant we closed out July with our road trip across the country to our new home!

This was the greatest sign in the world to see...


Emmett did a lot of this...


I checked my mirror constantly to make sure I still saw this...


I just about pee'd myself in excitement as we crossed the Mississippi River because it meant that I got to eat this...


And these...


We started August with a new house! This of course meant that we had to decorate and explore the area.

We painted a little, to help make it feel more like a home.


Nate started school in September, but we continued to explore the area. We instantly fell in love with all of the farmer's markets and farms where you could pick your own produce.


October, November and December saw Nate working his butt off for school. Which gave me time to make friends, workout and craft a lot!

It has been, to say the least, a life changing year. And honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. But, I'm also truly look forward to 2011.

I may not make resolutions, but I know that this coming year is going to be packed full with so many things. I have more craft ideas than ever, I want to "open" my home to you and I plan on pushing myself even more with how much I work out. I can't wait to bring all of this to you, my wonderful readers!

I hope you have had a wonderful 2010 and are looking forward to 2011. I look forward to sharing new things with you!