A new furniture addition!

12/08/2010 03:01:00 PM Ashley 2 Comments

As many of you remember, and even for those that don't, we bought a sectional sofa right before we moved. Of course that meant I had to come up with different looks for the living room. We decided to get the rose rug, but found it in a round shape, which I swooned for even more. Seeing as the rug was a beautiful red, I went with a red/brown palate with teal and plum touches. The decorating ideas quickly stopped when we realized that the acrylic coffe table that we loved wouldn't work. We need something round our square, because that would work best with our sectional.

Simple right?

Then I had to make life difficult by wanting it to be glass and have a fairly open base, because I didn't want to hide our beautiful rug.

Holy expensive Batman!

The $300+ tables weren't what I wanted and the cheaper ones looked...well...cheap.

Then we started the Craigslist search. After contacting one woman many times and her flaking out, I just gave up. Until three days ago when my husband showed me glass and chrome perfection, all for $75!

We got it last night and I was in deep like. Though I was thinking that I might have to paint the chrome. I didn't know if it could be cleaned.

Today though...I'm in full on love mode and that's because I found a way to deep clean the chrome. Who knew chrome could be so easy, yet so hard to clean at the same time?

Easy because all you need is vinegar and aluminum foil. Hard because...dang do your arms get a workout. In the end though it was worth it, because it was perfect.

Now I will tease you with a sneak peak of what parts of it looked like when we got it and what it looks like now. Don't worry though, I can now take pictures of our living room with the coffee table, because it is now complete!


~Top two pictures are the before, where you can see the rust spots.
~Bottom left, bowl of vinegar and ball of foil.
~Bottom middle, scrubbing away!
~Bottom right, leftover bleh that I cleaned up with Windex.



I can't wait to show you the full look. It really pulled the whole look together!


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  2. Amanda@TallGlassOfWaterDecember 13, 2010 at 12:27 PM

    Great tip on the chrome cleaning! I remember that couch you guys bought and can't wait to see what you've done with it :)