I forgot how nice a haircut really is

6/09/2010 08:28:00 PM Ashley 7 Comments

So um...this confession might ban me from the beauty world forever.

Today was my first haircut in a year. Yes that is ONE whole year. Awful I know and yes I am ashamed. I know better than this. I swear I do, but one too many crap stylists lead me to not wanting anyone in this state to touch my hair. Now when I say crapy stylists...I mean that I went to three different places and each place messed up in their own way. Want a recap? Head here.

I was doing fine with my hair, I even had plans to color it. Then a week ago I lost it. I was one step away from going Britney Spears on my hair.

I started searching for a salon, but I couldn't find a place...I kept looking. Heck even my husband looked for me. Most places here are far too proud of their prices. Some don't even feel the need to answer their phone (and yet they're booked, however that happens). Then this glimmer of hope showed up. A salon by the name of Beauty Essentials. They allowed walk-ins (this is how desperate I was to have my hair done). They were friendly right of the bat and I loved my stylist. My hair now looks and feels a million times better. Now I don't have a before picture. I "forgot" to take one...aka I was way too ashamed to have photographic proof of the year of neglect.

Apparently I have forgotten how to smile. Oops.

Seriously...I'm a little bitter that I found this place right before we move. Such is life. I'm going to go back before we move for color and a trim...just to hold me over while I start my search all over again in Ohio.


So not looking forward to that.

While I was there I picked up two new hair products...which I shouldn't have because of the move, but damnit I just don't care.

First I grabbed Aquage's Silkening Oil Treatment, which sounds like it works a lot like Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum. Once I have used the Aquage version for awhile, I will give it a review...but so far I like it.

The other product I got is Artec Hot Style Hot Volume Foam. My stylist couldn't say enough good things about it, so after seeing some nice volume I figured I'd give it a try. After some research I found out that the line is from L'Oreal. Go figure. It too will have a review after some more use.

So yay! I have healthy, happy hair again. Now all I need is some color and for my bangs to grow out.

What do you think? What color should I get next? What is your miracle hair product?


  1. I don't have a miracle hair product but I desperately need one, I have really fine/thin hair so I don't get much volume which drives me crazy and even when I try to tease it, it just turns into a rat's nest... So I can't wait to hear your volume foam review!

    BTW, I really like the color!

  2. Yay haircut! Now I just need to decide what the frak I'm going to do with mine.

  3. Love the haircut!

    I hate stylists. Hate them. I do my own hair because I can't count how many times I had it cut, and then had to come home and take scissors to it myself to fix what they did.

  4. I'm in the boat with you Sister! Can't find a salon worth a crud ANYWHERE! So yeah, haven't gotten my hair cut in over a year too... I balance that by donating it to Locks of Love which means a Great Clips cut until it grows out again. Move here (Iowa) instead and find a nice salon so I can totally piggyback off your suggestion please!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  5. Thank you...I always think its so funny that my color looks better/different after getting my haircut. Even if I didn't touch it! I will definitely let you know about the foam. So far I am really liking it. I was able to get a solid 2 more days of no washing my hair and it was still soft and not greasy!

  6. You are far more brave then I! I am always afraid that if I did it myself that I would sneeze and screw my hair up like crazy!

  7. Maybe I should just travel to every state and every major city and find great salons. I wonder if I could get paid for that?