DIY: book page ball

2/16/2011 06:00:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments

As is my first post about one of the many things I made for the Valentine's wine tasting.

First up is my book page ball. As seen here...


This project came about when I felt like I hadn't done enough to decorate. Ha yeah...I have moments. This project also made me realize that for all of the paper punches that I have, I pretty much have no basic shapes (circle...square). So after a quick trip to a craft store I had a brand new punch.

Once I gathered my supplies I was ready to start. Here's what I used and what you'll need to create your own...


You'll need:

~An old crappy book (like the one I got from Goodwill)
~Round paper punch (mine is 3 inches)
~Styrofoam ball (mine were 2 and 3 inches)
~Hot glue gun

Pretty much start punching out circles with your punch. Keep punching. Then punch some more. When you think you have enough, punch even more. I didn't count how many circles I used, but lets just say it was a lot.



Take paper circle and pencil. Place pencil in center of circle and fold around the base of pencil.


Place a drop of hot glue on the ball and press the paper and pencil into the foam*. Hold for a second while the glue cools.

*If you want you can put the hot glue onto the paper and then press into the foam. I use that technique when I'm at the very end and the foam is disappearing.


Place the paper as close as possible to make sure that none of the foam shows through.


Just keep adding paper until it is filled out.


What it looks like when it is all done!

I also rolled the ball around on the table which softened the edges of the paper. You by no means have to do that though.

Now that you are done...go make more and place them all around your house! You can place them in bowls or add ribbon/string to them so that they can be hung. Do whatever you want with them! They are super easy to make, they just take a little time because of the repetitiveness of the steps.

I really love them, not only because they look awesome, but because I can use them year round. Always awesome when that is possible!

So go out and get some books and have at this craft! You'll be happy you did!