Decor: Finally...the coffee table

2/23/2011 07:49:00 AM Ashley 1 Comments

Remember how I teased you with this post about our new old coffee table? If not...then go read that post silly! I think, in fact, that I teased you with this photo...


Well after a few months of promises, I finally got around to taking pictures of our house (mostly because it had just been crazily cleaned). Which just so happened to include our coffee table. So think of this post as a kick off to our home tour. Now, while you will be getting to see the coffee table...I'm being a witch and holding back on the rest of the living room. You'll just have to check back this week to see where the coffee table lives (not that you won't be able to see some things!).



Honestly, for $75 I couldn't be more happy with this Craigslist find. My husband spotted this and jumped on it, which I am glad he did! I love the chrome hoops. It's very modern and retro all at the same time. There are some oops marks, but I just call that worn in love. I originally had wanted to paint the base, but am so glad that a little foil and elbow grease brought back the shine to this piece!

It's been the perfect addition. So much so that we had friends come over after we got it and they didn't notice it right away. And that's simply because it fits so well into our space. Even Nate had doubted if we really needed a coffee table, but he changed his mind with this shiny little guy.

Sometimes the Craigslist fairies are looking out for you!

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  1. L-O-V-E it! I have seen so many round coffee tables that I love, its killing me. Our living room set up isnt suited for round, just rectangle. Boo!