Life: Crashing and crackling all around

2/01/2011 08:26:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

Just thought I would give a quick update about the weather here. We're currently getting more freezing rain...which is coating the ice covered things in more ice. Oh and the wind has picked up. Fun times.

The lights have been flickering for a few hours and all we can hear is the cracking and crashing of tree branches falling all around us. One of our trees is hanging on for dear life, but the ice is winning. While none of the crashing is comforting, a few minutes ago my husband and I were brought to our feet as we heard something crash into our house. When we opened our front door we were greeted with this...


All of our houses are connected, so really this hit our neighbor's house.


The branch is the size of a man's fore arm. It had to of come inches within hitting one of the many windows on the front of our neighbor's house.

The front of our house isn't much better. Luckily the trees that are losing the most limbs are further away from our house.


That dark mass is all branches!

I can only imagine the devastation we're in for when morning comes. The Air Force base has already closed for tomorrow, so it's bad.

Again, I hope everyone that is in this storm is keeping safe and very warm!