Life: Ice ice baby!

2/01/2011 05:41:00 AM Ashley 5 Comments

We're one of the many lucky people who live in the Midwest. Which storm!

I may or may not have woken up this morning, looked outside and thought "eh no biggie". Then of course I wasn't looking at the ice covered branches and power lines. While, currently, this isn't as awful as the ice storm I was lucky enough to endure while in Nebraska a few years back, it definitely is going to cause some issues. The Air Force base even closed here, so no school for Nate today.

Which leaves us with a whole day of nothing to do, as we are pretty much trapped in our house. Nate will probably play video games (as long as we have power) and I am probably going to craft. Actually I have to craft, seeing as our wine tasting party is quickly sneaking up on us!

But before I go, I wanted to share some pictures I snapped of things around our front yard.

Our evergreen bonsai tree.

The power lines joined in on the fun. This could cause problems for us soon...

Our Versa was sacrificed to the ice fairies, so that Otto the Auto could stay in the garage.

A branch encased in ice.


This tree almost looked fuzzy from all of the ice. This was also the tree that was dropping tons of branches.

The grass was coated and made a satisfying crunch when stepped on.

A moss and ice covered branch.

Dusty Miller.

The ice may be dangerous, but you can't deny its beauty.

To everyone who was, is, and will be hit by this storm, stay safe and warm!


  1. It sure is beautiful!

  2. AAAGGG!!! Wine party!!!! I promise I will be of more help the remainder of the week :D

  3. Great pictures! A wine party sure sounds like fun too!

    We're snowing in too and I'm starting to go a little stir crazy!!!


  4. It really was beautiful! But scary all at the same time, that may have been because of the crackling noises that the trees were making under the weight of the ice!

  5. Going stir crazy is pretty much right on the nose. I even was getting annoyed with the crafting I was doing for the wine party, which is saying something!