Decor: My weekend haul

5/17/2011 06:37:00 PM Ashley 4 Comments

This weekend Nate and I went to our local Goodwill outlet, in hopes of finding tons of t-shirts for a project I wanted to tackle (more on that another time). Instead of finding the hello $1.50 per shirt? No thanks. Anyway, instead of finding what I needed, I found exactly what I didn't need.

For a whopping $7 I walked away with a lamp (that I have no place for...right now), a garlic holder and two vintage books.


The lamp is from Target and retails for $40, I got mine for $3! Yep...$3 freaking dollars. All that's wrong with it is a missing plastic covering that covers where the bulb sits. I think I can deal with that.

The garlic pot was $1 and while there's nothing wrong with's going to get a healthy coat of chalkboard paint in the next few days.


The textile book came home with me, because one, it talks about all different types of textiles and how they are made. And two, because the outside of the book has an awesome pattern on it! The Bloomingdale's Book of Home Decorating came home because it's full of amazing 70's home design...and it's from Bloomingdale's. Um yes please!



How can you not love those pictures!? They are so perfectly funky!

In case those hauls weren't amazing enough, I also grabbed up an amazing deal at Target as well.


I've been smitten with gathered bedding for awhile. You see them everywhere...Anthropoligie has had some amazing ones, but I could never bring myself to fork over the money for one. Especially when we have an Emmett who likes nesting in the bed. All I could ever picture was him slowly ripping appart the gathers. Even this one from Target ran $100...and that just hurt, especially when we have a our nice gray/yellow bedding and our other $25 Target bedding. This time though I couldn't pass up the bedding.


Yes you read that right...$25. I may have done a happy dance!

So this weekend I got a lot of goodies, but on top of that I got two things from Target that would normally have put me out $140. Instead I doled out $28. I think I might need to dance again!


  1. $25!?! I'm really close to disowning you based on sheer jealousy! Holy crap. I need to check my local Target. STAT! 

  2. Love the pics in the Bloomingdale's book. So weird and fun!

  3.  Well...if you like it...and have a King sized bed (heck even a queen), I could always go see if they still have the other two left...

  4. Those are probably some of the craziest rooms...but I also haven't fully looked through the book. There are some pieces in the photos that I wouldn't mind having in my house!