Life: Pinterest addiction

5/16/2011 10:38:00 AM Ashley 2 Comments

I'm not hiding...I've just been swept away into the world of Pinterest. At first I was fine...I pinned a few things here and there. But I can't help but hitting the refresh button to see what new goodies have been posted.

In the span of a few days I have found new craft ideas as well as old ones. Which means...hopefully I'll have some posts about crafts I'm doing (one of them being a rug).

If you have a Pinterest...or are interested in looking around you can find follow me over there!


  1. This is just going to turn in to another site where I spend countless hours doing nothing... ;)

    I received your package, and I loved it. I also have your latest package all ready to go (sans box) and will be shipping it sooon!!! 

  2. It truly is addicting...keep an eye out for an invitation to join from me!

    I'm so glad you got your package! It was fun picking something out that was gender neutral!