Life: Update

6/08/2011 09:42:00 AM Ashley 3 Comments

I've been gone for almost a solid 3 weeks and it feels good. While I do have things I could have been posting about, I just feel that it doesn't really matter. I've been watching my blog readers slowly drop off and I just hit a wall.

This is a blog for all things that I do, love and make. It's not quite a personal blog (as in I'm not always blogging about my super personal life) and it's nowhere near being a professional blog where I'm given goodies to review. It is what it is, and I understand that. Yet at the same time I can't help but yearn for other people's thoughts on what I am doing. It is after all a public blog. And as a human being I do strive for much as I wish I didn't.

Then there's the fact that life has been...not so much busy, but just different.

Here's a little update with what's been going on...

A few months back we got the not so happy news that Emmett had heartworms. Gross and shocking all at the same time. We knew that we weren't the best a giving him his heartworm medication on time, due to or move, but he was still getting it within a week of when he should. So we set off on tests and medicine to prep him for two months of treatments where he wasn't allowed to move much at all or get excited. It pretty much meant that one of us always had to be home with him. We were going to start treatments in May, with hopes of him being done by June so that we could go on vacation. Then we pushed the treatment start date back to July, so that the worms had time to grow into adults. 'Cause adults are easier to kill. With the date being pushed back and an okay from our vet about it not being a problem to board Emmett, we booked a vacation (we'll get to that in a moment).

Then a few weeks ago we get a call from our Vet saying that one of the dogs that tested positive was retested and they came back as a false positive. So they decided to retest all of the dogs that had were positive that had been tested around the same time. We were told that most likely Emmett would still have heartworms, but that they wanted to be 100% sure. Fast forward two weeks and we are calling to harass them, because we want to know! They tell us that they have some results but that they were testing again to really make sure. Fast forward, yet again, to two days ago. We called again and found out that he doesn't have heartworms! There is some odd anomaly that happened and a handfull of dogs got false positive tests back. Currently the Vet is trying to figure out what could cause this, because they have never seen something like this. We'll have to have Emmett tested again in 6 months (instead of the year), just to make sure that he really doesn't have it.

Can you say stress!? These past few months I have felt like a horrible dog owner. I've cried, I've been stresses and now...finally I can be happy!

Which leads us to...our vacation! Nate and I haven't been on a proper vacation in four years. When he was still at the Academy we went to St. Thomas for spring break and it was AMAZING! But that's it. We never got to go on a honeymoon, even though we both wanted to go on one. So four years later we are going to Sandals in Antigua! We're going with another couple, which we are excited for. But mostly I can't wait to hit the beach and just relax. We leave in a week and a half and I am already getting my clothing ready! This is something both Nate and I have needed. Especially now that Nate is half way done with his masters degree.

I guess those are my two big updates. I can't really say if this blog is going to keep up at the pace it once did. It just depends on how I feel and if I want to share what's going on.

I guess I'll leave it in your you want to see this blog stay alive? Or are you fine with how it is?


  1. Sounds super fun, we are going on a cruise in about 10 days, so excited, we didnt get a honeymoom either....cant wait to see all the pics :)

  2. sorry to hear about your dog and hopefully he doesn't really have heartworms!  your trip sounds like fun!

  3. I'm just now catching up on blogs as you can tell! I say keep your blog how it is. Write when you want, when you can. I'll be here reading!