Fashion: If the dress fits...

9/24/2009 10:48:00 AM Ashley 0 Comments it in every color!

So, I found this dress from Calvin Klein. Now this isn't just any dress. This is a sexy dress that isn't too sexy. It fits me and my curves, it moves with me. Ever since I put on a very unwanted 40lbs (stupid stress eating) I have stayed away from very form fitting dresses. If I don't want to see my rolls, then no one else should either.

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Enter this dress. It was at Dillard's, I needed a dress for our Kearney, NE wedding reception. It was green, my favorite color. I tried it on and it was magic! I fell in love with this dress. What I did not fall in love with was the price ($150+). So I held off on it.

Then one day walking through Marshalls and I found it, in yellow. Good thing I look good in yellow. Even better was that it was $50. Then a few weeks later I found the green version at TJ Maxx. It too came home with me. I now own this dress in 4 colors. Yellow, green, Sapphire blue and a Merlot. Don't even get me going about how I should have it as a LBD. I love this thing and I love Calvin Klein even more for realizing this is an awesome dress and making it in so many colors. It's a great basic to throw on when nothing else is working. All I do is throw on some spanks, add a great pair of shoes and some jewelry and I am good to go.

So if you're in the market for a great going out dress I would recommend this in a heart beat. It fits curvy girls (like me) because it has a perfect amount of stretch. It also fits slender girls because of it's straight shape.

I found all of mine at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Though I have seen it on,, Nordstrom's, Dillard's and Macy's.

*(If you're interested in it, the style # is CD8J1943)

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