Fashion: Monday Shoes

9/28/2009 01:47:00 PM Ashley 0 Comments

It's Monday, a dreaded day for most. It means the weekend is over and it's time to go back to the grind. So as I was laying in bed, fighting to get up and motivated, I looked over at some of my shoes and I had an idea. What if every Monday I share a different shoe I own? How can I do this you might ask? Well I have a lot of shoes. Not 30-50 a lot, but like 170+ a lot. Yes I know this is an issues. Somehow I must have duplicates or very similar shoes and yet I don't. Okay that's not entirely true, I do have some shoes that I bought in two different colors. What? I like to have options. They each have their own unique personality. The more I look through my shoes the more I love them. I have the fancy ones, the fabulous ones, the great basics, the OMG where did you get those?

Sidetracked...yet again. As I was saying I am going to post about a different shoe in my closet every Monday. I'm going to call it "Monday Shoes" (a really cheesy take on phrase "Monday blues"). I will give as much information about the shoes that I can. I will also post if they are recently purchased, just in case you have your eyes on them. I'm even going to be nice and not just talk about this idea, I am actually going to post my first shoe today! So read down and enjoy the beginning of Monday Shoes!

I decided that I would start my shoe blog with a bang. Not only is this a shoe that I recently got, it is also just too cool. There's a lot going on with them, but it all works so well. There is this mix of metallic leather piping and black sequins that flows around the whole shoe. If you thought that this shoe has given you everything you'd be very wrong, because hugging the heel is what I call "flames" done in a rich red suede. These just beg to be worn with something that will show them off.

I'm a total sucker for unique shoes. I am drawn to them. While I do have more tame/basic shoes, I can never pass up a great show stopper!

So without further or do I give you the first glimpse into my shoe wardrobe!




Designer: Oh Deer!
Name: Ginger
Color(s): Black, red, gold and silver
Material: Sequins, suede and leather
Heel: 4 inches

*While you can still find these, the sizes are quickly running out. You can find them by searching for them or going here.